| 23. March 2021

Lidia Sobieska Is The Latest Fighter to Join Tekken 7!

The last fighter to join Tekken 7 as a part of its Season 4 DLC pass is none other than Lidia Sobieska! If you’re reading this on March 23rd, the “Prime Minister of Poland” has already been “shipped to live servers!” Needless to say, it’s always a load of fun when we get a brand-new Tekken 7 character, and Lidia Sobieska is no exception. She isn’t exactly a fan-favorite, but she definitely packs a punch and will no doubt bolster the ever-growing Tekken 7 roster in a multitude of ways!

Whether she’ll be strong enough to compete with the most prominent mainstays, however, still remains to be seen. She’s no longer dressed as a politician, but her old attire will almost certainly be available as an alternate costume!

You can check out Lidia Sobieska in action in her Tekken 7 announcement trailer down below:

A Well-Rounded DLC Pass

If you’ve purchased the Season 4 DLC pass, you’ll get a brand new stage as well, in addition to Lidia Sobieska: Island Paradise! This intriguing pairing is quite a nice contrast to Kunimitsu and the Vermillion Gates stage, both of which were revealed a while back.

You can purchase the entire DLC pass (with everything previously mentioned) for $14.99. It’s not an easy pill to swallow, that’s for sure, but it’s not all that egregious of a price either. It depends on how serious you are about Tekken 7. If it’s your go-to fighting game, then it’s money well spent! If you’re just a casual player, however, then there’s definitely a million different ways for you to spend the aforementioned sum elsewhere.

Either way, we’re glad that Namco is still supporting this age-old franchise. It is starting to show its age, though. Whether a brand new instalment is on the way or not is anyone’s guess. Still, it’s fair to assume that Namco has something exciting in the works!

The Season 4 DLC Pass is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, and PC.