Jamie | 12. May 2021

Levinho Reaches 10 Million Subscriber Milestone on YouTube

PUBG Mobile content creator Brahim, commonly known as Levinho, has become the latest Esports personality to reach 10 million subscribers on YouTube. The milestone is made all the more impressive given the fact that the Swedish streamer has only been on the video platform for two years and 10 months.

Speaking on a video to mark the landmark, Levinho thanked his fans for their support, with the 21-year-old having uploaded his first YouTube comment back in June 2018. Brahim will also now host a 100,000 UC giveaway, with more details on this set to be revealed in the near future.

Why Levinho Is a Unique Content Creator

Levinho’s content mainly surrounds PUBG Mobile gameplay, with his videos being unique in that they do not feature either his voice or face. All content is silent, with the content creator simply unveiling new sets and skins instead. While this does not sound like the most appealing viewing, it has clearly not put off his subscribers.

This style of content has also not stopped Levinho in producing videos alongside well known personalities from the Esports and sports scenes. Juventus striker Paulo Dybala played alongside Levinho on a video in 2020, which has almost 6 million views to date.

Which Other PUBG Mobile Streamers Have Hit This Milestone?

In June 2020, Levinho became the first PUBG Mobile streamer to hit one billion views on YouTube. This has since risen to 1.6 billion, achieved through over 1,200 videos. Levinho joins fellow PUBG Mobile creator “Atro” in reaching 10 million YouTube subs, with the game growing quickly in popularity in Europe. Arabic player Atro now has 10.6 million subscribers.

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale title that was first released in March 2018. It is now a major hit on both iOS and Android, meaning that it would not come as a surprise should more PUBG content creators flourish on streaming sites YouTube and Twitch. We are excited to see what Levinho has in store for his subscribers next.