| 17. December 2021

Legacy makes €50 million with fictional NFT properties

Legacy is an economic simulation and deals primarily with NFTs and cryptocurrencies. In addition, it is said that you can even earn money while gambling. The most glaring thing about it is that the game hasn’t even been released yet and has already collected a lot of money.

You are supposed to be able to earn money while playing. The idea has already attracted quite a few players – enough to bring in over 50 million before it is even released. Legacy was created by Peter Molyneux, one of the most famous and successful game developers. In Legacy, you can build your own factory and infrastructure while designing your own products – just like you could in real life. In addition, the market is also considered as a whole and you have competing products or companies.

Players can earn real money

With the products you create in your factory, you should even be able to earn real money with a cryptocurrency, appropriately named LegacyCoin. But to be able to do all this, you first have to buy a plot of land in the game through NFTs. The land you have to buy is handled through publisher Gala Games’ own store. You can buy land there and pay for it all in Ethereum or a few other coins.

The most expensive piece of “land” costs 798,310€ and with something like that you can only flap your ears. You might be thinking to yourself that no one will pay that – almost 800k real money for a fictitious, not real, piece of land? That you can neither build on nor ever walk on? Oh yes, people spend money for it. And not too little.

The most expensive plot is called “Heart of London” and was sold for 914,500 dollars – almost a million dollars! You could have bought a huge villa in the Maldives for that, but a piece of digital land is of course just as great… But NFTs are all the rage and prices are going up more and more extreme. The only good news is that when you buy that piece of land, it’s yours, the player, not the developer anymore.

NFTs are pretty popular right now

And more and more companies don’t want to miss the hype and are getting on the bandwagon as well. As we reported recently, even Ubisoft has already put NFTs in their games. The problem with NFTs is that they have no real tangible value – it’s just attributed to them, and because so many people are speculating on it right now it runs the risk of becoming a bubble and eventually crashing.

Meanwhile, those online properties in the game, which hasn’t even been released yet, have already brought in over a whopping 50 million Dollars. The game is scheduled to launch next year, but there is no date yet.

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