LEC surprises: Three top teams lose in week 2

The second week of the LEC Winter Split 2023 is underway, and we have enjoyed every match this weekend... Eduardo | 29. January 2023

The second week of the LEC Winter Split 2023 is underway, and we have enjoyed every match this weekend of competition.

There is no doubt that every fan loves unexpected victories in esports. However, during the start of this second week of the LEC Winter Split 2023, the European League of Legends community has witnessed several intense clashes that have left them speechless.

Completely unexpected results

The second week of the LEC started with the match between Team Vitality and Astralos, which ended with Luka “Perkz” Perković leading the French team to victory. However, the next three games surprised fans, analysts, and the teams, as all three favorites lost their respective matches.

We started with Fnatic, a star-studded team that faced BDS, a squad that only won one game in the first week and was not very well-rated by the fans compared to the rest of the teams in the league. We all expected Fnatic to get a relatively quiet victory, as there is no doubt that Fnatic is infinitely superior regarding the roster. But the iconic European organization was entirely overwhelmed by the snowball-style team composition of BDS.

With this, Fnatic settles at the bottom of the regular season leaderboard, with only one win so far. The team does not find the right synergy of its new members in the bot lane. Rekkles and Rhuckz have not been able to get along well in the bottom lane, and, in addition, the veteran player has not been able to show his skills with Varus, Sivir, and Ezreal.

Herecits wins the Iberian duel

KOI and Team Heretics offered a great match to all the fans, mainly because of how close it was. Many believed in the strength of the defending champions over a new Heretics lineup. However, Evi’s outstanding individual skill on the front line came to the fore against K’Sante, while the middle line, Ruby, came up big with eight kills against Azir, and both led Heretics to victory.

SK Gaming surprises G2

Finally, many LEC fans considered G2 Esports the most powerful team in the league after winning all their matches last week. On the other hand, SK Gaming had only managed one victory. However, in the first match of the second week, SK jungler Markoon and mid-laner Sertuss scored 14 of their team’s 25 kills.

With almost every team looking very competitive in the early stages of this season, the LEC Winter Split 2023 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting we’ve enjoyed to date.

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