Radu M. | 2. July 2022

LEC Summer Week 3 results

The third competitive week of LEC Summer 2022 is over and the situation at the top of the rankings table is becoming increasingly complicated. No less than three teams are now tied for first place, and three more are right behind them.

Week 3 of this Split finished with a lot of predictable results, but also with two painful defeats for one of the league’s greatest teams, G2 Esports.

A summary of day 1

Day one of the third week of LEC Summer saw the following matches:

  • Misfits vs. BDS: 1–0
  • Vitality vs. SK: 1–0
  • Excel vs. Rogue: 0–1
  • Fnatic vs. Astralis: 1–0
  • MAD vs. G2: 1–0

The best victory of this day was the one obtained by Rogue. Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu’s crew had to play against one of the scariest underdogs in the league, Excel Esports. This team had defeated Fnatic and MAD, so nobody knew what the result was going to be.

In the end, Rogue won with relative ease and only needed five minutes to start building an advantage. The kill score was 17–12 in their favor, while the final net worth difference was around 8,000. Every Rogue player had an excellent performance but Markos “Comp” Stamkopoulos was the most impactful.

The biggest defeat of this day was registered by G2 Esports, in their match against MAD Lions. This was a slow and methodical game for MAD, who had the advantage for the entire duration but still played extremely safe. The kill score was 22-10 in their favor but the match still required 42 minutes to conclude!

A summary of day 2

Day two of the third week of LEC Summer saw the following matches:

  • Excel vs. BDS: 1–0
  • Rogue vs. SK: 1–0
  • Vitality vs. Astralis: 1–0
  • MAD vs. Misfits: 0–1
  • G2 vs. Fnatic: 0–1

The second competitive day of week 3 had arguably only one exciting match — G2 vs. Fnatic. Or at least, the match should have been exciting, given the two competitors’ status in the LEC. But in reality, Fnatic dismantled G2 with ease. The kill score was 16-2 in their favor, while the net worth difference was around 10,000.

It seems that G2 are currently experimenting with strategies that they haven’t fully mastered and their opponents are taking advantage of it. It’s rare to see Rasmus “caPs” Winther struggling to get kills while the enemy mid has an easy game. Perhaps until next week, G2 will go back to what worked for them in the first two weeks.

Rankings Table

Right now, the situation in the league looks like this:

  • first place: Excel Esports, Fnatic, Rogue: 5 W – 2 L
  • fourth place: MAD Lions, G2 Esports, Team Vitality: 4 W – 3 L
  • seventh place: Astralis, Misfits Gaming: 3 W – 4 L

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