LEC Summer Has Two Unlikely Leaders

LEC Summer 2024 started unusually well for two teams that weren’t expected to be so good. In the case... Radu M. | 30. June 2024

LEC Summer 2024 started unusually well for two teams that weren’t expected to be so good.

In the case of Team BDS, there was a small possibility for them to surprise again after they finished 3rd in LEC Spring. But for SK Gaming, who finished 8th, their current performance is quite remarkable.

The Success Of Team BDS

BDS did not make any roster changes ahead of the 2024 season. Instead, they decided to rely on the same players who had brought them a 2nd place in LEC Spring 2023m a 4th place in LEC Season Finals 2023, and a 15th – 16th place at Worlds 2023.

Adam, Sheo, nuc, Ice, and Labrov quickly proved worth of this trust and delivered excellent performances in LEC Winter 2024 and LEC Spring 2024, finishing both splits in 3rd place. They could have climbed even higher but their opponents, MAD Lions and Fnatic, managed to beat them 2 – 3 in the playoffs.

However, even after these results, it would have been very difficult to predict that Team BDS would lead in LEC Summer after nine rounds of matches with a dominant record of 8 W – 1 L.

SK Gaming’s Rise To The Top

For SK Gaming, the rise to the top was even less predictable and the fact that it happened makes it obvious that South Korean LoL players are one step ahead of most of the rest of the world.

In 2024, SK finished 5th and 8th respectively in LEC Winter and LEC Spring. The more recent performance was a disaster and led to two roster changes initiated by the team’s management.

Doss and Exakick were removed after one and a half years. Their place was taken by Rahel and Luon, two South Korean players who play the carry and support roles in SK’s new roster.

It’s clear that their communication is good at the moment because their coordination is exceptional. Thanks to this duo, SK went from being near the bottom of the league to being the number one team in the league with a record of 8 W – 1 L.

It will be interesting to see how the playoffs will turn out for both SK and BDS. In principle, given that the match format is best-of-three in the first two rounds and best-of-five in the later rounds, both of these teams should continue to play well and potentially get a result that will help them qualify for Worlds 2024.

SK hasn’t played at Worlds since 2014, so I’m sure their fans would be more than happy to see them there.

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