Eduardo | 23. January 2023

LEC renews deal with KIA, adds Desperados 0.0% as national partner

The LEC continues to reach the most important places at the corporate level. It is no secret that League of Legends is one of the most popular esports in the world. In addition, the LEC is, after the LCK, the most competitive LoL league, so many sponsors want to take advantage of this showcase to showcase themselves.

This time it announces two partnerships. The first is renewing with the renowned South Korean car brand, KIA. The second includes Desperados 0.0% as a national partner.

LEC continues to make great strides

A few hours before the start of the 2023 season, the LEC announced that it was renewing its partnership with KIA Motors as a Premier Automotive Partner. As part of this partnership, KIA will continue to drive the innovation of providing fans with unique experiences. They plan to do this primarily through the Mic Check week series, which captures the team’s best moments on the LEC stage throughout the season.

Moreover, fans will also be able to receive various giveaways from the KIA brand throughout the season and will also see the KIA logo on the Rift and the LEC broadcast.

This partnership marks the fifth consecutive year between these two organizations working hand in hand.

Eva Suarez, director of esports partnerships at EMEA, said:

“As a league, we constantly strive to innovate and deliver the best possible experiences for our fans. Our partnership with Kia, who strives to innovate in everything they do, will allow us to enhance our offering and provide our fans with incredible experiences throughout the season.”

On the other hand, Jason Jeong, President of KIA Europe, mentioned:

“We are excited to extend our partnership with the League of Legends EMEA Championship, one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing esports platforms.”

“We look forward to further connecting with and bringing further innovation to the esports community in 2023 as a long-standing sponsor.”

Desperados 0.0% enter the esports scene

Renowned non-alcoholic beer brand Desperados 0.0% is now a national partner of the LEC in Germany.

Being a national partner means the beer brand can now be integrated into the German LEC broadcast through different content. Exact details on what this content will entail have not been disclosed, but we will likely find out soon.

This is the first time the LEC has partnered with a beer brand. Previously, the LCS, i.e., the North American League of Legends league, partnered with Bud Light.

Desperados 0.0% will also offer deals and contests through the LEC’s Twitch chat. In addition, the brand says it will give away ten tickets to the LEC finals in Montpellier (France).

While this is a non-alcoholic beer brand, this move is a clear example of the LEC targeting a more adult audience. This is coupled with the fact that the LEC accidentally published that they would change the minimum age requirement for players to 18. The organization immediately denied this claim.

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Credits: LEC | SPORTFIVE | Desperados 0.0%

Pablo Chabot, Marketing Director of Heineken Deutschland, said:

“Desperados 0.0% is extremely proud to be the first national beer partner of the LEC in the German market. Just like our tagline promises ‘0.0% Alcohol, 100% Experience. We believe that nobody should compromise with or without alcohol on the experience of having fun, whether at a house party, festival, or watching the exciting matchups of the LEC.”

“What matters is that you enjoy it with other like-minded people – virtually or in person, letting the amazing taste enhance the amazing moment. To the LEC audience – welcome to the Desperados Tribe!”

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