Fragster | 6. August 2021

League of Legends – Pro “Nukes” announces retirement

Risto “Nukes” Luuri has announced his retirement from professional League of Legends, with the Estonian having broken the news on Thursday via Twitlonger. The 23-year-old last played for Axoloti, having made his name at the likes of Giants Gaming, BIG, SK Gaming and Schalke 04.

Nukes is set to focus upon his studies following his retirement, with his League of Legends career having began back in 2013. Nukes posted the following message: “During the off-season in April/my split with Axolotl, I have discovered a bunch of new things that I am interested in that is outside video games.”

What the future holds for Nukes

“Going into the future, I will spend my free time learning and studying about these subjects. I will give a small list, so you get the idea: investing, cryptocurrency, economy, finance, history, human psychology, programming.I am taking the path of least resistance or as I would like to call it “following my heart” and from 30. August this year, I will start studying mathematics.”

How Nukes’ LoL career panned out

Nukes began his career with Miribilis as a mid-laner, before later switching to the support role. Following a brief spell with JuicyLip, he joined the Copenhagen Wolves in late 2015, making his debut in the European Challenger Series (EUCS) in January 2016. After the Wolves failed to reach the EU LCS, Nukes moved to Nerv, before playing for ALTERNATE aTTaX and BIG.

Nukes would make his LEC debut for Schalke 04 in June 2020, helping the team in reaching the playoffs. After leaving Schalke, the Estonian competed in France and Italy, with the latter being where he would ultimately end his professional career. Nukes failed to win a major title, however he did play alongside some of the leading names in League of Legends. His former teammates include Rasmus “Caps BorregaardWinther, Elias “Upset” Lipp and Ivan “Razork” Martin Diaz.

It is likely that we will still see Nukes in some capacity within the gaming community, with the now ex-pro still maintaining a love for the scene.