Fragster | 17. September 2021

League of Legends Patch 11.19 rundown: final shape of World’s meta

As we approach the beginning of the most anticipated international tournament of the year, Worlds 2021, we’re starting to see how the meta is shaping up. 

Most important patch of the year

A month ago, before patch 11.18 dropped, Lead Game Designer RIOT Jag announced that the patch on which Worlds would be played would be split into two patches to be able to balance all of the changes they would bring. 

Yesterday, Jag announced the full preview of patch 11.19 that drops on the live servers on Wednesday, September 22 2021. It includes a lot of small pro-play-oriented buffs and nerfs to champions, the new champion Vex making her debut on Summoners Rift, and the new Nightbringer and Dawnbringer skins in the upcoming event. Also, the new Championship Jarvan skin has been announced and will be available for purchase for a limited time starting with patch 11.19 for a price of 1350 RP. If you still haven’t seen Vex’s splash art and abilities, you can check them out here(LoL – All information about the new champion Vex | Fragster).

Deserved nerfs

Most of the nerfs are aimed at pro play and Soraka and Sona, who have been overperforming across all ELOs.

Kennen lost 10 flat damage and 5% scaling on each rank of his Q. Ryze also lost 5% scaling on his Q and had his E cooldown increased by 0,25 seconds at all ranks, while Varus had his Q cooldown increased by two seconds at max rank.


Patch 11.19 nerfs (via @JeevunSidhu)

Soraka’s Ultimate now heals less while Sona got squishier because she had her armor lowered by two. She also got a few bug fixes on her Q that enabled her to target enemies she couldn’t see and on her E that ignored slow reducing effects.

Return of jungle Qiyana and other buffs

On the buff list, the most notable change is the buff to Qiyana, making her Q-spell deal more damage to monsters and showing Riot’s intent to make Jungle Qiyana viable by buffing her clear speed two patches in a row.

Aaatrox will receive a six-second decrease on his rank one W-spell, alongside Mordekaiser’s E losing four seconds cooldown on his rank one E-spell. Seraphine having a 20 seconds shorter cooldown on her rank one ultimate will make a huge difference in both pro play and Solo Queue and the same could be said for the Sejuani changes, giving her more damage and lower cooldown on her Q ability. Akali, Gwen, and Renekton become a bit tankier thanks to the buffs to their base HP, passive HP regen, and HP per level. 


Patch 1.19 buffs (via @JeevunSidhu)

After multiple pro-play-oriented nerfs to Renekton this season, his win rate in Solo Queue has suffered a lot, so Riot is also buffing him by making his W-spell animation faster. Sylas will also receive a buff to help him with his mana problems, while the changes Fizz received in the last patch have been reverted. He also got a decrease on the E cooldown at max rank.

For the rest of the changes, check out the list below:


 Rupture (Q) 

 Cooldown lowered from 7 to 6


 Shield of Durand (W) 

 Cooldown lowered from 18 to 18/17.5/17/16.5/16


 Drunken Rage (W)

 AP ratio: 60% >>> 70%


 Iron Ambassador (Passive)

 Cooldown: 16/12/8 >>> 13/10/7 (based on level)


 Soul Furnace (W)

 Shield increased from 50/75/100/125/150 to 60/85/110/135/160