LCS Summer 2020 Losers’ Finals: Team Liquid vs. Team SoloMid

FlyQuest may be waiting in the Grand Final, but for many LoL fans this match is the real Grand... Radu M. | 5. September 2020

FlyQuest may be waiting in the Grand Final, but for many LoL fans this match is the real Grand Final of LCS Summer 2020. These two teams have won between themselves almost everything there was to be won for the past 7 years. So it’s no surprise that everyone is eager to see who will win this time.

Team Liquid’s Glorious Group Stage

Team Liquid started LCS Summer2020 after an abysmal result in LCS Spring 2020: 9th place out of 10 participants. Something had to change. And the surprising thing is, the change came in the form of Doublelift being transferred to Team SoloMid. This turned out to be a great move for both teams. TSM had finished 5th in the Spring Split. Now it finished 3rd – 4th and just one win behind 2nd place. And Liquid, which had finished 9th, won with 15 wins and 3 losses. That’s how important a transfer can be. And keep in mind, this was a very counterintuitive transfer.

In the overall Group Stage results, Team Liquid drew against Cloud9, Evil Geniuses, and FlyQuest. They won against everyone else, including TSM.

In this Playoffs, Liquid started in the Semifinals with an easy match against Golden Guardians. The score was 3 – 0. GG shouldn’t have been there in the first place in my opinion, but they did manage to win against TSM in the Quarterfinals and as a result, they moved on. In the Winners’ Finals, Liquid suffered a shocking defeat against FlyQuest, a team that had finished the Group Stage in 3rd place and had defeated Evil Geniuses (3 – 2) and Cloud9 (3 – 1) on its way to this match. As a result of losing the dispute, Liquid dropped to the Lower Bracket and will now play against TSM in the Losers’ Finals.

TSM’s Run

TSM finished the Group Stage with 12 wins and 6 losses. They did well against most opponents. But unfortunately for them, they lost both rounds against Team Liquid as well as FlyQuest. So they naturally start as the underdog against both of them. Many believe that their run will end here, against Liquid. But even if they do qualify for the Grand Final, their odds of success are slim.

For Doublelift, this match means a lot. It’s practically his chance to prove to his former team that he’s the same player he was when Liquid was at the height of its power in 2019. And it’s not just him who wants to win. Bjergsen, one of the most famous LoL players of all time, has something to prove as well. And to be fair, so far this duo has been stunning the world. After losing to Golden Guardians in the Quarterfinals, TSM went on to win against Dignitas, Golden Guardians, and Cloud9 to get to where they are now. Even if they lose, they’re in 3rd place. And that means they’ve surpassed their Group Stage position. But I think they have a solid chance of winning.


Photo credit: Riot Games