LCS expands co-streaming for the 2023 Spring Split

There is no doubt that Riot Games is one of the video game developers that listens the most to... Eduardo | 14. January 2023

There is no doubt that Riot Games is one of the video game developers that listens the most to the community when making their respective changes. They always try to please the thousands of fans that follow their titles daily.

League of Legends is one of their most popular games, not to say the one at the top of the list. But, in recent weeks, the departure of James “Dash” Patterson became known from the official broadcast tables of the events. So naturally, this did not sit very well with the community; right now, Riot has tried to calm the waters.

LCS expands co-streaming for the 2023 Spring Split

Riot has announced that a broader catalog of League of Legends content creators will have access to share the LCS experience with their fans.

Via a Twitter statement, the LCS has revealed that its “watch party” program allows different YouTube and Twitch personalities to stream matches from the season. This will begin at Spring Split 2023 with an expanded format.

Lolesports, on its official blog, said:

“We’ve heard from the community that you want more creators and more LCS matches to be part of Watch Parties. Because of your feedback, we’re excited to announce an expanded version of the program for the Spring 2023 Split. Specifically, and for the first time ever, we are opening up applications to influencers in the larger League of Legends community to join the LCS Watch Party Program!”

“Selected creators will be allowed to co-stream every game of the Spring 2023 LCS split on their Twitch or Youtube channels. For regular viewers of the LCS watch parties, we will also be inviting some friendly faces to continue (or join!) to co-stream the games!”

Applications to be part of this watch party are open from the moment of the announcement and will end soon. Specifically until January 18 for the first week’s broadcast as a whole and until January 23 for the rest of the Spring Split.

Riot Games gets closer to the community

It’s no secret that Riot Games used to give the ability to stream the LCS only to a select group of streamers. These were undoubtedly familiar faces to the community as match casters, former players, or streamers. But, other content creators did not have this opportunity, which has now changed.

With the new changes in the program, any content creator will have the opportunity to receive access to the official LCS stream. But remember that the selection process will have many filters, and not everyone will be selected.

All streamers who want to be part of the program must meet some rigorous requirements. Such as:

  • Avoid conflicts between LCS sponsors and streamers.
  • Undervaluing LCS sponsors, streamers, talents, professionals, teams, and the league.
  • Among others

Recall that Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng was suspended from streaming last year due to negative comments regarding the LCS.

Selected streamers must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Be respectful: No racism, homophobia, transphobia, disability discrimination, sexism, bullying, or any other harassment of other players. No vulgar or explicit content.
  • If you choose to include a guest in your joint broadcast, that guest must also follow the guidelines of the cooperative broadcast program at all times.
  • The Livestream is only available in English or Spanish and on the following live platforms: Twitch and YouTube.
  • LCS sponsors, sponsored segments, or stitched advertisements may not be altered or covered.

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