Lance Reddick, the voice of Zavala in Destiny died at the age of 60

Lance Reddick, the actor who’s been lending his voice to games ranging from the Horizon series to Quantum Break,... Shubh | 19. March 2023

Lance Reddick, the actor who’s been lending his voice to games ranging from the Horizon series to Quantum Break, passed away Friday at the age of 60.

Lance Reddick, who had iconic roles in numerous critically acclaimed films, television shows, and video games, passed away on Friday at the age of 60. Although the cause of death has not been disclosed, according to police sources, it appears to have been brought on by natural causes.

Throughout the course of a more than 25-year acting career, Reddick played important roles on the HBO series Oz and The Wire, as well as later seasons of Lost, Fringe, and Bosch. Recently, he portrayed Albert Wesker in the Netflix series Resident Evil, and in season two of Critical Role’s The Legend of Vox Machina on Amazon, he provided Thordak’s voice.

For gamers, Lance Reddick is most known for providing the voice of Commander Zavala in the Destiny series. Since the game’s launch, the actor has had a major presence in Destiny 2, appearing prominently in several of its expansions, most recently Lightfall. In the Horizon video game series, Reddick played the part of Sylens, for which he did the character’s voice dubbing and facial capture.

Given that the actor recently released a video to social media in which he appears to be at home with his dogs, many people were shocked to learn of his passing. Several members of the gigantic Destiny community, including KingGothalion, DrLupo, Christopher Barrett, and other individuals, have already expressed their condolences.

After the news broke out, many Destiny 2 players huddled around Reddick’s avatar in the game to pay respect to their commander. Several players have shared videos of themselves bowing down to Commander Zavala on social media, expressing their desire to fight alongside him in any conflict.

Lance Reddick’s legacy has more to be added

Horizon Forbidden West’s planned Burning Shores Expansion might feature Sylens, who was dubbed by Reddick in both Horizon games. Reddick hinted in a tweet from September 2022 that he had a voice-acting session for the game, implying that Sylens might appear in an upcoming expansion.

The actor is also going to appear in the roles of the hotel manager Charon in John Wick: Chapter 4 (due out on March 24, 2023) and the Greek god Zeus in The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series on Disney Plus. Moreover, he provides Hellboy’s voice in the upcoming video game Hellboy: Web of Wyrd. 

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