Lachmann Shroud best-for-Warzone Mobile loadout!

The ever-iconic Heckler & Koch MP5 has a three-round burst variant in Warzone Mobile which will surely be interesting... Paolo | 10. July 2024

The ever-iconic Heckler & Koch MP5 has a three-round burst variant in Warzone Mobile which will surely be interesting to use if you are a Call of Duty: Mobile veteran: the Lachmann Shroud.

While it is currently outside of the absolute meta range, the Lachmann Shroud can be great for close quarters in the hands of a skilled soldier with the proper attachments. We tested it out during the current release, this time with MWIII attachments that can increase its potency!



AFTERMARKET PARTS: JAK Decimator (unlocked at the Arsenal Store)

This attachment is the most essential part of the build, as it converts the previously burst-focused Lachmann Shroud into a full-auto weapon. Make sure to take advantage of this new full-auto conversion that does more base damage than the original Lachmann Sub to make the most out of the Shroud’s integrally suppressed build and subsonic ammunition!

STOCK: Meer Recoil-56 Factory Stock (unlocked by leveling the Lachmann 762 at Level 4)

This fixed stock allows for greater recoil control and aiming stability, perfect for every combat scenario, whether close or mid-range.

UNDERBARREL: Bruen Tactical Vertical Grip (unlocked by leveling the MCW to Level 9)

This grip helps capitalize on the potential of the Lachmann Shroud to become a hip fire beast by stabilizing the weapon’s gun kick and also reducing a bit of the hipfire spread.

MAGAZINE: 50 Round Mag

You can never have too many 9mm rounds – so utilize the 50 rounder magazine to allow for better and faster TTKs without having to deal with constant reloads.

OPTIC: Cronen INTLAS MSP-12 (unlocked at the Arsenal Store)

This multi-purpose blue dot sight helps in ensuring good aiming stability, faster response times, and better sprint-to-fire speeds while having both a clear sight picture and an integrated laser attachment for better aiming.

These attachments can help you utilize the power of the Lachmann Shroud, allowing you to have a weapon viable for close quarter and mid-range combat!