Kick is reportedly already making profit

There are many rumors surrounding Kick, and one of them is that the streaming platform is throwing money around.... Fragster | 17. April 2023
There are many rumors surrounding Kick, and one of them is that the streaming platform is throwing money around. Now, Kick Co-Founder Ed Craven has come out and claimed that the opposite is true and that Kick made a profit in the first quarter.
Kick is under constant scrutiny as everyone is curious to see if the platform has what it takes to truly outperform Twitch or, whether it will fail like Mixer. Accordingly, everything is analyzed by the community and the company has been accused of overspending.
Kick’s Co-Founder Ed Craven has come forward to deny said rumors and speculations, claiming that Kick even turned profitable in the first quarter of its existence.

Kick makes a fantastic start

Although Kick has only been around for a few months, it has reportedly got off to an extremely promising start, which is certainly due in part to Trainwrecks being a Co-Founder.
At the moment, everything looks like Kick could become a real competitor to Twitch. the violet streaming platform has the big disadvantage of stealing a fairly large share of the income from its streamers, specifically about half. Kick’s selling point, on the other hand, is that they offer their top steamers lucrative contracts and a hefty 95/5% subscription revenue split.

Eddie denies financial rumors

Recently, however, there have been concerns about the platform’s long-term sustainability, with claims that Kick “subsidizes” and “burns money” Amazon for its streaming services. However, Eddie, the Co-Founder of Kick, denied that in a stream. He has stated that the opposite is true and that he made a profit.
Eddie said on April 15:
“I want to be honest: Kick has only been around for three to four months, right? We saw profit in Q1. We made a profit in Q1 only through one strategic partnership. It’s not a difficult business model to sustain if you’re doing it correctly. I think there is a way to go about this. As long as people understand it, there is a long-term roadmap out there that we are very comfortable with and doubling down on, I really look forward to seeing what’s achievable.
“I think all the people who doubt it will start doubting it less with every month that goes by. Naturally, people are skeptical for the right reasons, and we will just continue to prove them wrong. Taking people’s subscription money isn’t what makes live streaming sustainable. That’s the biggest misconception of them all.”
Eddie also clarified that there are no issues with Kick’s sustainability at the moment and said he’s in the process of finalizing two to three-year deals with people.

Kick on the road to success

Although Twitch is still the biggest in the game, with around a billion visits to its site a month, Kick is also growing every day. Kick reached 58 million visits in March, which is double the month before. In February, it was 29 million visits and if it continues like this, Twitch will soon not have much to smile about.
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