Fragster | 19. September 2022

Kansas City Pioneers signs former GMT Apex Legends line-up

GMT Esports, one of the best teams at the ALGS 2022 Championship, has been signed by the Kansas City Pioneers.

Year 2 of the Apex Legends Global Series has shown us who are some of the best Apex Legends teams in the world. While some leading teams were fielded by big organizations like Fnatic and FURIA, other teams belonged to lesser-known orgs or had no organization at all to represent them.

Kansas Pioneers get GMT line-up

Earlier in September, Moist Esports acquired Team Burger prior to the start of ALGS Year 3, and the Kansas City Pioneers have now followed suit, signing the GMT Esports lineup. Considering this team placed fifth at the ALGS Year 2 Finals, they’re a pretty promising lineup that we could hear a lot more about.

GMT were a standout EMEA team in ALGS Year 2, making it one of the biggest signings of the season for an organization. The performance of these players at the international level speaks for itself and a trailer released by KCP shows some of their skills. Out of all the ALGS teams that need strong representation, the former GMT team tops the list.

Challenges with the line-up

Despite their notable result in ALGS year 2, the team faced multiple complications prior to the Finals, which might have actually caused worse placement than they would reach otherwise

Maksym “Max-Strafe” Stadniuk, an incredibly strong Ukrainian player, has been unable to travel to the biggest competitions due to current events in Ukraine. The team originally used Swedish player Rasmus “maydeelol” Zettergren as a substitute, but maydeelol tested positive for covid-19 before the event, forcing the team to fall back on American player Beau “RamBeau” Sheidy, who was supposed to come only as a spectator. 

However, despite the last-second switch, GMT finished fifth in the championship and won $120,000.Casper “Gnaske” Præstensgaard declared after the game: “If we bring you back @MaxStrafe, we will take first place!”

Signing a team with a player who may have trouble traveling to international events is a bold move, and the Kansas City Pioneers have chosen to keep this lineup together despite potential travel issues in the future.

It is hoped that this signing for the KCP can help MaxStrafe compete in as many international competitions as possible. If that’s the case, this world-class team could get even stronger in ALGS’ third year.

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