It’s Official: Intel Set to Launch 12th Gen Alder Lake Desktop CPUs on November 4th, Full Reveal to Take Place Next Week

The rumors were, in fact, correct: Intel will unveil its upcoming Alder Lake desktop-class CPUs during its Innovation event... | 19. October 2021

The rumors were, in fact, correct: Intel will unveil its upcoming Alder Lake desktop-class CPUs during its Innovation event on October 27th! And that, in short, is hugely exciting news, not just for those partial to Intel (who are fewer and fewer in number), but hardware enthusiasts as well!

Simply put: AMD has beaten Intel in nearly every regard, which has resulted in a much more competitive market than anyone could’ve ever imagined pre-Ryzen days. Now, as a result of their immense battle, our processors have more cores, threads, lower TDPs, they’re manufactured in a much more efficient process, and have numerous bells and whistles that allow them to dwarf basically anything that had come out just a few years ago.

It seems that Intel no longer wants to play second fiddle, and has create a wholly impressive line-up on the 10nm node. Now sure, AMD’s latest CPUs are ahead in that regard (7nm), with Apple’s SoCs being even more advanced (5nm), but the difference won’t be that noticeable in regular day-to-day use. Intel CPUs can still pack a punch and, by the looks of it, the 12th Gen Alder Lake series is more than worthy of our undivided attention (and hard-earned cash)!

Intel Alder Lake CPUs | Coming Our Way on November 4th

The folks over at Intel are going to delve deeper into the performance and pricing of the following processors: Core i9-12900K, 12900KF, Core i7-12700K, 12700KF, Core i5-12600K, and the Core i5-12600KF. These are Intel’s most prominent (and, by proxy, expensive) CPUs, and they’re the only ones that’ll get ample air time during the Innovation event.

The rest of the line-up (including the cheaper H670, B660, and H610 chipsets) will likely be unveiled at CES 2022.

These Alder Lake CPUs will bring a unique architecture to the x86 space, with high-performance Golden Cove cores and high-efficiency Gracemont cores (also known as P- and E-cores, respectively). This, in addition to blazing fast DDR5 RAM and PCIe Gen 5 will once again allow Intel to compete with AMD on even footing. Whether this age-old tech giant will be able to emerge victorious still remains to be seen, but a more competitive market benefits us the most; so, needless to say, we’re definitely not going to complain and will, in fact, root for Intel to come out the gates swinging!

By the looks of it, these processors will no doubt skyrocket in popularity because of their (presumed) stellar price-to-performance ratios. Certain benchmarks of Intel’s Core i5-12400, for instance, recently leaked online, and they’re mighty alluring, to say the least! With a presumed MSRP of around $185, the i5-12400 is going to be one heck of a CPU, targeted at both “budget-conscious” buyers and gamers alike.

In any case, there’s a whole lot to look forward to, so definitely make sure to mark your calendars!