It’s here: Combat Records will return to Warzone 2 with Season 2

With the release of the Season 2 update, Warzone 2 is set to receive combat records, one of Call... Shubh | 9. February 2023

With the release of the Season 2 update, Warzone 2 is set to receive combat records, one of Call Of Duty’s most anticipated features.

Call of Duty announced the Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 2 roadmap, outlining a number of improvements coming to the games in the upcoming Season. Fans are particularly enthusiastic about the return of the much-awaited Combat Records, which will go live with the start of Season 2, even though many other exciting features, new maps, and highly requested modes are returning with the new season. For quite some time, fans have been eagerly waiting for Warzone 2 to include combat records, a feature already available in MW2 multiplayer.

Players will be able to keep track of any kills, fatalities, wins, and other unique statistics pertaining to their Warzone 2.0 experience with the addition of battle records. However, it will only keep track of a player’s stats going forward and won’t show any statistics or achievements from Season 1. The second season of MW2 will also introduce a leaderboard for the game. The leaderboard’s debut coincides with Ranked Play’s scheduled release, in which players will be subject to the same limitations and guidelines as in Call of Duty League Play.

Warzone 2 Season 2 to revitalize the title with much-awaited features

Originally set to launch during Season 1, the Combat Record feature was abruptly delayed by Infinity Ward, who claimed they were having difficulties obtaining accurate player data. Despite the fact that fans were asking for the feature, the creators insisted they were still working on it and would eventually implement it in the latter season.

Players have waited months now for Combat Records to be posted and now Activision has officially announced that the feature will be coming back in the upcoming update. Season 2 will debut on February 15, 2023, and it will feature interesting game modes including Infected and Gun Game.

Resurgence will also make a comeback with an island map dubbed Ashika Island that includes well-known sites like Tsuki Castle, and Shipwreck. Additionally, two new battle maps—Al Malik International and Zaya Observatory—and five new weapons—the ISO Hemlock, KV Broadside, Crossbow, Dual Kodachis, and Tempus Torrent—will also be added in Season 2.

Moreover, Warzone 2.0 will undergo a number of significant modifications in Season 2, including a redesigned Gulag that will host 1v1 fights, adjustments to the armor plate vests and backpacks used in Battle Royale, as well as configurable Perk Packages in Loadouts.

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