Shubh | 24. November 2022

Is VALORANT coming to consoles?

In what appears to be a confirmation that Valorant will soon be available on Xbox, PlayStation, and other popular platforms, Riot Games has posted job listings for console designers for Valorant.

Valorant, a free-to-play competitive first-person hero shooter from Riot Games took the gaming experience to the next level, providing fans with an exhilarating experience and bringing the company tremendous success. It continues to be a resounding success, and Riot has already made preparations to take Valorant to the mobile platform. There has been no indication, however, that the multiplayer shooter will be released on consoles, but Riot Games may be planning to move Valorant outside its PC-only realm, according to recent hints. 

When will Valorant be available on consoles?

Valorant on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles may be closer than it was initially anticipated now that gamers have the power of next-generation platforms in their hands and the game has established itself as a top-tier competitive shooter. Riot reaffirms its commitment to porting Valorant to consoles in two recent job postings on Hitmaker, which were published on November 17 and November 23, respectively.

According to the job descriptions, Riot is looking for a Senior Game Designer and Game Design Manager exclusively for console platforms, and those hired for the positions would work on Valorant and its importation to the console platform. Although the job descriptions did not indicate which platforms Valorant will be accessible on, it clearly states that the Game Design Manager will be expected to follow the same design ideas for the PC version and bring it to consoles.

Valorant’s console debut was further supported by some strong evidence that was discovered earlier in August by the renowned data leaker and data miner known as “Shiick.” He claimed to have discovered multiple images of the “gamepad control settings” for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One inside the game files following the recent patch update for Valorant 5.03. 


Several members of the community were astonished by the speculation and theory since Valorant is a tactical shooter game specifically designed for personal computers. If crossplay would be made available between these platforms, Valorant would have a very different gameplay style. It would be interesting to see how gamers will adapt to controller gameplay in a game like Valorant where mechanical talent is extremely important along with precise aim. 

However, Riot hasn’t provided any information regarding the Valorant’s release date or availability on popular consoles. Even though Riot Games is very adept at making significant announcements out of the blue, the chances are pretty strong that it still won’t happen in 2022.

Header: Riot Games