Is China Dota Back – Which Teams Will Represent The Region At TI?

Alongside the North American qualifiers, the Chinese qualifiers for The International 2024 is ongoing. After lackluster results in the... Owen | 10. June 2024

Alongside the North American qualifiers, the Chinese qualifiers for The International 2024 is ongoing. After lackluster results in the past years, it looks like the Chinese region has made a resurgence in the Dota 2 scene and is looking as lively as ever. 

We are expecting to see three Chinese representatives at Copenhagen, Denmark, for The International 2024, the most prestigious Dota 2 tournament. Xtreme Gaming, who have been looking incredibly solid this year, already received one of six direct invitations to the tournament. This opens up more opportunities for other regional teams to qualify for TI.

Valve has noticed the improvement of Chinese teams, and rewarded the region with two slots from the qualifiers. Let’s go over the favorites to appear on Dota 2’s biggest stage.

Chinese Qualifier Favorites

The clear favorites to go through the qualifiers are LGD Gaming, Azure Ray, and G2.iG. These three teams have closely tailed Xtreme Gaming in international competition.

LGD Gaming

The prestigious Chinese organization had a strong start to 2024, placing second in Games of the Future 2024, losing to their big brothers, Xtreme Gaming in the Grand Final. However, they have bombed out of most Chinese qualifiers this year, and had organizational issues that halted the Dota 2 team’s progress.

However, after swapping out mid players, LGD Gaming has visibly strengthened their roster. In the Riyadh Masters 2024 qualifiers that took place last week, y` led the team to a swift run, winning 2-0 against Spiky Gaming and Azure Ray in very dominant maps.

Azure Ray

Another team with a high potential to qualify is Azure Ray, fielding veteran players who are no strangers to The International. The organization includes fy, Ori, and Faith_bian, who are patrons of Dota 2’s biggest stage. Last year, the organization placed fourth at The International 2023, though two players have been changed.

In 2024, Azure Ray qualified for numerous S-Tier tournaments, and had top-eight finishes at BetBoom DACHA Dubai, Games of the Future, and DreamLeague Season 23. Despite looking solid throughout the year, Azure Ray nearly missed Riyadh Masters 2024, barely making it out of the closed qualifiers alive.


G2.iG was supposed to be China’s superteam when the players were first announced. The star-studded roster includes NothingToSay and Monet, two of the most celebrated core players in the region. 

The squad had a slow start to the year, having a hard time making their chess pieces work. However, they have shown immense potential in the past few months, placing 4th at PGL Wallachia Season 1, 5-6th at ESL One Birmingham 2024, and 7th-8th at the Elite League. It looks like the roster has finally clicked just in time for The International 2024.

Who Claims The Two Slots?

Though there are other talented teams and players in the region, it is hard to believe that any other participant would steal the slot from the three teams mentioned above. 

We think the safest choice to qualify for The International 2024 is LGD Gaming. They are looking like the top dogs in the regional qualifiers, as they have been incredibly dominant since their return to the scene.

G2.iG has also proven themselves in international competition, making several deep runs in the most recent tournaments. They also have incredibly talented players and the roster’s individual skills alone should take them the distance.

Azure Ray has not looked too bad in 2024, but has not been performing to expectations recently. It looks like the new patch might have gotten into them. They almost lost to KEV and Team Zero, which are inferior teams, showing red alarms for Faith_bian and his chances to qualify for another TI.

We think LGD Gaming and G2.iG will secure the two slots and join Xtreme Gaming in Copenhagen. However, it wouldn’t be too big of a surprise if Azure Ray steals a slot.

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