Radu M. | 2. July 2022

Interview with Rogue’s Larssen: “We need to improve our practice. There’s too much ego in the team.”

At the end of the third week of LEC Summer 2022, we sat down with Emil “Larssen” Larsson from Rogue to talk about what’s going on internally in the team and in his own mind these days. As a part of the interview, the 22-years-old mid-laner revealed what the team needs to work on in this split. 

Rogue managed to win their last five games and are now ranked first in LEC Summer 2022 with a record of five wins and two losses. The team’s mid Larssen heavily contributed to all of this success, showing a great improvement over the last few weeks.

We can win the whole split

Fragster: You played against Excel Esports yesterday and won. Given how well they started the Summer split, did you feel that you were ready to face them? How strong are they in a live match, compared to what your replay analysis indicated during training?

Larssen: “They are definitely a very strong team. I knew, coming into the game, that if we don’t play well, they’re gonna win. We actually didn’t play that well but we still won.”

What is your current goal for this split?

“I think we need to improve our practice. Right now there’s still a bit too much ego in the team. If we improve on that, I think that we can definitely win the whole split.”

What’s your personal philosophy when it comes to picking champions? Would you rather pick the best champions for your strategy early and risk getting counterpicked, or delay those picks and risk having the champions banned in the second round of bans?

“It depends. If there’s an OP pick, you obviously need to pick it early.”

It’s been a very hot summer so far. Does the weather influence your energy level in any way during training? Or do you manage to train just as hard no matter what the outside conditions are?

“For sure, the weather is very draining for me. In Sweden it’s usually not this warm. I’m quite sensitive and definitely not used to this heat. On stage, it can be a bit hard sometimes. I don’t perform that well if I’m giga-warm.”

Who would you say is the strongest team right now in the LEC?

“Probably G2. They’re coming fresh from MSI, where they probably learned a lot of things. But we will see how things look in playoffs.”

Rogue’s next appearance will be in Week 4 of LEC Summer 2022, first against Team Vitality on July 15 and then against BDS on July 16.

Header: Riot Games|Michal Konkol