Inferno and Train will be included in CS2 limited tests

The hype for the release of CS2 is growing in the Counter-Strike community. Although everyone is looking forward to... Eduardo | 19. August 2023

The hype for the release of CS2 is growing in the Counter-Strike community. Although everyone is looking forward to when the official date will be, other rumors continue to surround the Limited Test of CS2.

In this opportunity, we have that, according to a leak a few hours ago, Inferno and Train would arrive at CS2 in an upcoming update. Remember that this map pair is among the oldest, most popular, and iconic of Valve’s shooter. However, the developers seem to have had some problems with their development since they have not made them available to players with access to CS2.

Leak hints that Inferno and Train will be included in CS2 soon

According to the CS2 leaker, Aquarius, Inferno, and Train will be coming to CS2 in an update in the next few days after analyzing the game file “gamemodes.txt.”

Recall that several months ago, some images of the new Inferno in CS2 were leaked. However, Valve has not yet added them to the game.

About Inferno

Everyone in the game community knows that Inferno has been part of the Counter-Strike map pool since its inception in the 2000s. However, CS:GO, it was out during 2016/17, as, at that time, the map underwent different changes in its structure. Similarly, from 2017 it remained uninterruptedly in the map pool, and, as we observe in every top-level tournament, it is one of the most chosen maps by professional teams.

Inferno will always be a map that takes us back to our CS 1.6 times, so old-school players will always want to play it.

About Train

On the other hand, Train has been a map loved and hated by many players over the years. However, unfortunately for many of us who love it, it has been out of the official CS:GO map pool since mid-2021, and since then, it is not used in professional tournaments.

However, everything seems to indicate that when its new version for CS2 arrives, it is very likely to return to the official map pool. Valve is now clear that this is one of the maps most requested by the community and professional players.

Similarly, it is worth noting that Train is receiving a treatment called Touchstone, which means that it will not have a significant change (like Vertigo) in the new version of CS2. Similarly, we can only hope Valve will release one of the two maps in the Limited Test of CS2.

Many in the community impatiently asked Valve to add Inferno to the CS2 beta. However, the game developers ignored these requests and introduced Italy, the popular Hostage Rescue map.

After Valve’s latest update to the CS2 beta, where they added all the maps to the game, many believe its release is closer than ever. However, the next update to the game will most likely bring Inferno and Train before a decision is made to release the game worldwide.

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