If G2 Lose Their Opening Match at BLAST, Don’t Blame Them

It seems that G2 Esports will play their opening match at BLAST Premier Spring Final without one of their... Radu M. | 12. June 2024

It seems that G2 Esports will play their opening match at BLAST Premier Spring Final without one of their superstar players. M0NESY managed to get his visa approved at the very last moment and will not get to London in time for the first day of the tournament.

At IEM Dallas, he won the MVP award while his team won the trophy. That was another event in which G2 competed with a stand-in. Stewie2K replaced HooXi, who couldn’t travel to the US.

Despite this inconvenience and the fact that the tournament featured many of the world’s best CS2 teams, G2 managed to win. But their victory required godlike performances from m0NESY and NiKo. On top of that, Stewie2K also played much better than anyone expected.

After being out of the game for two years, Stewie proved that he still understands it better than most, and that includes pro players.

G2’s Chances

G2’s first match at BLAST Premier Spring Final will be against Team Spirit. This is a terrifying opponent because of two names: donk and sh1ro. If these two players are in good shape, only a highly competent team can beat them.

Without m0NESY or at least a proper stand-in, TAZ will have to step in and compete against the world’s best players at the age of 38. No doubt, TAZ is very familiar with CS2 as a player and not just as a coach. But at the highest competitive level, a lack of training is extremely obvious.

The skill difference is huge, as demonstrated by a CS:GO event that took place last year. Natus Vincere’s coach, B1ad3, decided to replace s1mple in that tournament and his individual results were abysmal.

On the bright side, assuming that m0NESY will be in London tomorrow, G2 will have an excellent opportunity to prove themselves and earn a playoffs spot by defeating either Team Vitality or Virtus.pro. The two teams are playing against each other at the moment and the one who loses will be G2’s opponent in the second match of the tournament.

The BLAST Premier format is very forgiving. Three of the four teams in each group advance to the next phase and to be honest, G2 would have probably lost the first match even with m0NESY because Spirit are significantly stronger thanks to donk’s extraordinary form and talent.

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