IESF 2023 World Esports Championships to be held in Romania

The next Esports World Championship will last 12 days, starting on August 24 and ending on September 4. This... Maria | 15. March 2023

The next Esports World Championship will last 12 days, starting on August 24 and ending on September 4. This great event will take place in Romania, where the International Esports Federation (IESF) will be the host; it is expected to be the most significant event since its inception.

In this opportunity, the most significant number of athletes in the competition’s history will gather to fight for the world champion title. The competitions will be individual or team based on six games.

World Esports Championships

According to the deputy mayor of Iași, Romania, Daniel Juravle, having the opportunity to host the most critical event for esports reaffirms the country’s commitment to esports. He also adds that they are very proud to be part of this event.

With the world championship in Iași, more organizations recognize the city as an essential reference for esports. This fact helps the city’s development to establish it as a world capital of esports.

Details of the World Championship

This year, the goal of the World Championship is to reach a much wider audience. The event will feature entertainment in many forms, such as:

  • Multimedia stages and musicians.
  • Cosplay parades range from movie heroes to video game champions.

This time, the event will attract more than 70,000 fans of esports and good music. In addition, people who cannot attend can enjoy it online; it is expected to be the most-watched event of all esports.

Athletes and regions participating in the World Championship

This year in Romania, more than 120 regions will defend the honor of their countries and are represented by more than 700 athletes. They all want to be crowned as the next world champions, but very few will win the coveted title.

National events are held in all regions to determine the athletes representing their countries.

Esports that are part of the World Championship

The best athletes from all countries will face off in the most popular esports of the moment, such as:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offense
  • Dota 2
  • Tekken
  • Mobile Legends
  • PUBG Mobile
  • eFootball

On the other hand, of the yeses sports at the event, a total of 500 matches will be held.

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Credits: IESF

Growth of women’s esports

One of the most significant firsts for this great event is that it will be the first CS:GO Women’s World Championship. This fact brings us one step closer to gender equality in this industry.

The president of the IESF comments that the federation promotes diversity and inclusion in esports; they believe that women’s teams are an integral element of the Esports World Championships.

On the other hand, he mentions the best female CS:GO player Ana Dumbravă; he believes she is an example for all those women who want to form a career as an esports professional.

The prize pool for the event

This year’s prize pool will be half a million euros, making this event the biggest at the reward level. All athletes will fight for a share of the prize pool and the champion title.

Header: IESF