IEM Rio Major will welcome live audience across all stages

In response to suggestions from the CS:GO community, ESL has decided to increase the audience capacity of the upcoming... Shubh | 14. September 2022

In response to suggestions from the CS:GO community, ESL has decided to increase the audience capacity of the upcoming IEM Rio Major, which will take place from October 31 to November 13. In a 360° center stage arrangement, the event will welcome a live audience across all three stages and host a fan fest along with the playoffs.

Brazil, which has given birth to a number of successful CS:GO players over the past ten years, will host its first-ever CS:GO Major next month, the IEM Rio Major 2022. ESL has taken the necessary steps to increase ticket sales, enabling more people to attend the Rio Major. The Challengers, Legends, and Champions stages of the competition will all have a live audience. This makes IEM Rio the second CS:GO Major to be played out over all three stages and all play days in front of a live crowd since the three-stage concept was first introduced. Prior to this, tickets had been sold for all stages of the StarLadder Major in 2019.

Many fans who had purchased tickets for the canceled ESL One Rio 2020 opted against getting their money back and decided to hold onto their seats for the eventual event. As a result tickets for the Major were severely limited and sold out within an hour of going on sale. However, in line with ESL’s expansion plan, more tickets are made available for the tournament’s last four days at the Jeunesse Arena.  Additionally, it will be the first ESL CS:GO competition to use a 360-degree center stage configuration. During the playoffs, ESL will host a fan festival with Alexandre “Gaules” Borba, the most popular CS:GO streamer in Brazil. During the 12-day competition, these extensions will enable ESL to host more than 100,000 spectators.

IEM Rio Major 2022: Schedule, location, and ticket

The IEM Fan Fest will be held at the Jeunesse Arena during the Champions Stage, and it will be hosted by popular streamer Alexandre “Gaules” Borba, a former professional Counter-Strike player and coach from Brazil who is also one of the most popular Twitch streamers. Both the Challengers Stage and Legends Stage of the IEM Rio Major 2022 will take place at the RioCentro Hall 6 from 31st October to 8th November, while Champions Stage and Fan Fest will take place at the Jeunesse Arena from 10th to 13th November.

  • Challengers Stage – 31st Oct to 3rd Nov
  • Legends Stage – 5th to 8th Nov
  • Champions Stage – 10th to 13th Nov
  • Fan Fest – 10th to 13th Nov

While tickets for the first two stages and additional tickets for the final stage are completely sold out, thd tickets for IEM Fan Fest will be available beginning September 15 at a price ranging from $6 to $19. Fans who purchase playoff tickets will also have access to the IEM Fan Fest. Moreover, fans who chose not to receive a refund for their tickets to the postponed 2020 ESL One Rio Major can use their tickets to enjoy the 2022 Rio Major.

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