IEM Dallas 2024 Quarter-Final Predictions

We’ve just completed an exciting Group Stage phase at IEM Dallas 2024, where surprising teams such as Heroic and... Owen | 31. May 2024

We’ve just completed an exciting Group Stage phase at IEM Dallas 2024, where surprising teams such as Heroic and G2 Esports will play in front of the crowd. There are two Quarter-Final matches scheduled, so let’s go over the matchups.

We will expect to see the two matches in the IEM Dallas Quarter-Finals, both played on the same day:

  • Team Vitality vs. Heroic
  • FaZe Clan vs. G2 Esports

Team Vitality vs. Heroic

The first match of the day will feature Team Vitality taking on Heroic. If this matchup were played at any point during the last year, it would be crazy to think that the French organization would lose. 

Heroic is playing with a stand-in, fielding their former AWPer Nico “nicoodoz” Tamjidi to fill in for Abdulkhalik “degster” Gasanov absence. Despite getting his spot in the team forcefully removed, nicoodoz is doing his best and getting the job done.

The Danes lost their opening series against Virtus.Pro, 4-13 on Ancient, and everybody thought the team was done. However, Damjan “kyxsan” Stoilkovski decided to play some of the best Counter-Strike we’ve seen out of him, which is impressive considering he is doing all the calling for his team.

Heroic breezed past M80, Major winners Natus Vincere, and BIG to qualify for the Playoffs. All of these matches ended 2-0 in their favor. They have incredible momentum and are looking to carry it on stage.

Team Vitality is looking a little shaky. They nearly lost their opening series against Monte, coming back from 3-9 to winning 16-12 on Nuke. The Israeli duo carried the team to a 2-0 victory against G2 Esports to secure a Playoff berth.

However, Team Vitality dropped the ball against the massive underdogs, 9z, who has had a miraculous run in the US so far. To everyone’s surprise, 9z took down Team Vitality in 2-0 fashion. 

Overall, Team Vitality doesn’t look like their best selves, but it remains the clear favorite, going against Heroic. We could maybe see Heroic take a map, but it wouldn’t be too crazy if they won the series, either. Fragster predicts this series to end 2-0 for Team Vitality. 

FaZe Clan vs. G2 Esports

The second series of the day is the main course, with FaZe Clan going against G2 Esports. We will see a very interesting matchup, where Jake “Stewie2K” Yip and Nikola “NiKo” Kovač will play against Finn “karrigan” Andersen and Håvard “rain” Nygaard. 

The four players played in the Grand Final of the 2018 Boston Major, which Stewie2K and Cloud9 won. Now, NiKo is teaming up with the man who stole his Major trophy to challenge his former captain. 

FaZe Clan is known to be a slow starter in tournaments, but they accelerated nicely here in Dallas. Their first match was a quick 13-6 win against M80, and the next series was against Virtus.Pro. In a very close series, FaZe Clan prevailed with a 2-1 victory against Denis “electroNic” Sharipov, who dropped a 1.36 series rating.

The international roster faced their arch nemesis, Team Spirit, for an immediate grant to the Semi-Final. Unfortunately, karrigan and company could not win the series, narrowly losing 11-13 and 10-13. Overall, the FaZe guys do not look too shabby and still seem like the #2 team in the world. 

It is honestly impressive how G2 Esports has made it this far. They are fielding Stewie2K as a stand-in, forcing NiKo to shoulder in-game leader responsibilities. G2 nearly lost their first match against Team Falcons and did not look too good. They had a tough task to play against Team Vitality and got smacked 6-13 and 5-13 in a swift 0-2 loss. 

Their next opponents did not get any easier, as they were forced to go against the new #1 team. Miraculously, G2 could win the series against MOUZ 2-1 after the two star players went nuclear. Four MOUZ players had positive ratings, while G2 only had two players in the green. But they still somehow won the series. 

Following the win against MOUZ, G2 had to play against Team Liquid for the final Playoff spot. After throwing Dust II from an 11-7 lead, G2 made comebacks on the next two maps, Inferno and Nuke. On Inferno, G2 went from 4-8 to 13-8, winning every CT-side round. On Nuke, Stewie2K played a crucial role in helping the team recover a 9-11 deficit to win the series.

Overall, FaZe Clan should easily take this series. They are in good shape, and G2 is playing with a substitute. The only way for G2 to win is if Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov goes god mode and bests everyone on the server. G2 could take a map, and it should be a 2-1 win for FaZe. 

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