How to get to Global Elite in CS:GO #2: Communication

In CS:GO, team communication is an important factor, as you certainly can’t win solo against five enemy players. In... Radu M. | 14. November 2021

In CS:GO, team communication is an important factor, as you certainly can’t win solo against five enemy players. In the following article, I am going to explain how to be the best at it.

Try to be as friendly as possible

Certainly, you want to be as friendly as possible, so you don’t upset your teammates, as team integrity is very important. Try to understand them and develop a good friendship, at least for the time you’re going to play with them. Positive vibes and funny jokes always help you get the win easier.

Try to queue with your friends, instead of random people.

Matchmaking always has been a place for some toxic people, that probably had a bad day, or a bad match before. You should always combat that by playing with your friends, instead of randoms. For you to progress in your CS:GO career, you should play with friends that are of a higher rank, and especially those who have very good aiming skills, tactics etc. Being a full team always helps, as you and your friends can correct each other when doing something wrong.

Use your microphone

We’ve all met the guy in our team that doesn’t have a microphone, or at least he doesn’t use it, instead, he uses the chat as communication. You certainly don’t want to be that guy, as it could disrupt your gameplay and your team’s gameplay. If you’re shy, try to combat that by only giving important info.

Do not abuse the Voice chat

Your teammates certainly don’t want to hear you speak about your personal life and problems when a clutch is happening or any intense moment. If you’re playing with randoms, try to use the voice chat only when you decide it is suitable.

Best team communication tactics

Here are some important things to keep in mind.

Try to pick a spot you’re always going to hold

You should always pick a spot you’re going to hold, as you and your teammates don’t want to switch from a place and another every round. If you decide you’re going to be the best at holding A or even B, try to be as consistent as possible on that.

Do not disrespect your friends, or random players by insulting them, and, if you consider one teammate is better than you, let him be the team leader.

Being a toxic person is not going to be an effective way to maintain good gameplay. If your teammates are extremely toxic, try to mute them and focus on the game. You certainly don’t want to start a dispute or provoke any arguments.

In the end, you should always be the positive-minded guy in your team, so everyone is going to have a good day when playing with you. Do not let other people destroy your mood, and most importantly, don’t take anyone’s advice or insults in a bad, personal way, as there are a lot of haters out there.


Photo credit: ESL|Helena Kristiansson