Maria | 23. January 2023

How to get The Kid LAROI skin for free in Fortnite chapter 4

With their immersive experiences, exclusive in-game cosmetics, and even private tournaments, Fortnite events have established themselves as a mainstay. These perks encourage players to keep playing even after they’ve grown tired of it.

Each season of Fortnite has featured an event related to the island’s history or a famous artist interacting with the public in various game modes. The partnerships related to these events offer a variety of new content that players can purchase with V-Bucks in the item store.

Players have witnessed everything from Marshmello’s first performance to Ariana Grande’s Rift Tour, great cosmetic outfits from these icons ahead of their live in-game events. Sometimes these skins have been free by participating in a series of tournaments.

Players will again have the opportunity to receive some free event rewards in Chapter 4 of Fortnite Season 1 with the upcoming performance of Kid LAROI.

Participate in tournaments in duos and get free Kid LAROI skin in Chapter 4 of Fortnite

Some leaks claim that The Kid LAROI cup, a private competition, will be played on January 24, 2023, in Fortnite. By winning matches, players will have the opportunity to receive not one but two free skins.

Duos Battle Royale will be the format, and players will be able to pair up with fellow players to compete against other groups and try to win the event’s cosmetic freebies.

Players who accumulate at least eight points during the competition will receive a LAROI banner and the smile emoticon. In addition, players who earn enough points to rank at the top of their region’s leaderboard will receive free LAROI Kid and LAROI Rogue designs.

Cost of skins

Those players who do not win the cosmetics by competing in the tournament can purchase them in the store when they go on sale. Each skin will cost approximately 1500 V-Bucks (about $15). On the other hand, the new skins for this event include back bling.

Both appearances will have the Get My Bag and Tragic BLADE back bling but have not yet been revealed by either the artist or Epic Games.

Most participants doubt whether the competition will involve a Zero Build or a conventional Battle Royale style, but the latter seems to be the more likely option. Compared to the weekly Quick Cups, which offer competitors a taste of Fortnite’s professional scene, competitive events of this type are usually a rather fierce sequence of showdowns.

However, this time it’s all a mystery; the community is still speculating whether this event will have a single-game mode or take place on a Creative island. So we must wait to see what surprises Epic brings us this time.

Header: Epic Games