How to get the Hu Tou Mao Mei and Kkachi Echo Lunar New Year skins in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 has been giving its players skins and game modes through a series of events held, and apparently,... Maria | 18. January 2023

Overwatch 2 has been giving its players skins and game modes through a series of events held, and apparently, Blizzard has no plans to stop anytime soon. As a result, there are several tempting skins to add to your collection for the Lunar New Year 2023 event. In addition, the new Echo and Mei skins have arrived, so get your wallet and brain ready.

There are several challenges to overcome as the “Year of the Rabbit” event ends in 13 days. Players have a limited time to add title cards, skins, and sprays to count their characters.

As part of this free event, game modes such as Bounty Hunter, Capture the Flag, and Capture the Flag Blitz are available alongside new challenges and skins to celebrate Lunar New Year 2023. The Lunar New Year 2023 celebrations for Overwatch 2 lasted for 14 days, starting on January 17 and will end on January 31.

You will have to work to get all these new cosmetics. Therefore, you must prepare yourself to work hard, thus fulfilling the list of challenges that awaits you.

Read on to learn how to unlock the Hu Tou Mao Mei and Kkachi Echo skins.

How to unlock the Hu Tou Mao Mei skin in Overwatch 2

To get the new Mei skin in Overwatch 2, you must save up and buy some Overwatch coins. To add her to your skin collection, you need 1000 Overwatch coins, equivalent to about $10.

Undoubtedly this epic look you should add to your Overwatch 2 collection: Mei’s outfit is red, and gold ornaments are added on the edges; also included are some bunny ears on Mei’s head.

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Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

How to unlock Kkachi Echo skin in Overwatch 2

The Lunar New Year event has a series of challenges, but fortunately, you only need to complete four of them to get Echo’s new look. These challenges you must complete will help you get it faster.

  • Catch the rabbit: You must capture the flag in CTF or CTF Blitz.
  • The sixth time’s the charm: Destroy the reward target six times.
  • Auspicious Victories: Get eight wins in CTF Blitz.
  • Lucky Rabbit: Win six games in CTF or CTF Competitive.

You will get the Kkachi Echo skin once you complete these challenges. If you want to increase your inventory, you can continue to meet other challenges. So enjoy Lunar New Year 2023 and show off your Overwatch 2 skins in all your competitive matches.

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Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

In addition, Overwatch 2 wants to reward its loyal fans with some legendary items while celebrating the Lunar New Year 2023 event.

Header: Blizzard Entertainment