How to get diamond skins in COD Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile, like the console and PC titles, offers players a wide variety of skins that you... Eduardo | 23. January 2023

Call of Duty: Mobile, like the console and PC titles, offers players a wide variety of skins that you can get by mastering specific weapons.

Now, with the addition of weapon mastery, players have much more incentive to get these skins. Like many other games, this brings a unique look to weapons and demonstrates your skill level to other players.

Skins in COD Mobile

Currently, five types of higher-level camouflage skins can be unlocked:

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Damascus
  • Diamond
  • Ether

While it is true that they are the most difficult to obtain, they are also the most prestigious. Unlocking these camouflages requires a lot of time and skill, but there is no doubt that the rewards are worth it. They give an incredible look to the weapons and, above all, make you stand out from the extensive list of players in a game.

On the other hand, it is also possible to get accessories that are unlocked through the game, such as operator appearances, weapon charms, and reticles.{

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Credits: Activision

Obtaining the diamond skin in COD Mobile

First of all, before trying to unlock the diamond camouflage on a weapon in COD Mobile, you must keep in mind that you must first have unlocked the golden skin on it.

Players must meet specific kill objectives to unlock the diamond camouflage in COD Mobile. These objectives depend on the weapon’s genre, of course. For example, you will have to get ten kills in 150 matches to unlock the diamond camouflage on an AR. On the other hand, the same amount of kills in 120 games will unlock the diamond camouflage on an SMG.

Players can track the progress of each weapon and view detailed objectives by accessing the camouflage lobby in the armorer.

The most effective method to unlock the Diamond Skin

The most effective and efficient way to unlock the diamond camouflage in COD Mobile is to play Hardpoint mode in Shipment. This mode allows players to quickly get ten kills due to the gameplay style and map size.

You should note that the kills do not affect the progress as long as the player completes the game. But, if you quit the game after getting the ten kills, they will not count towards the progress, so we recommend that you work through the process of several camouflages in the same game.

Another way to get the required kills quickly is the Free-For-All mode, also in Shipment. You should also consider that the kills that will count are the ones you have with the weapon, those that have to do with advantages, streaks, or something like that will not count for progress.

So, players should concentrate on getting as many kills as possible using the weapon they want to unlock the diamond camouflage.

There is no doubt that players can obtain their coveted diamond camouflage on the weapons they want with patience, consistency, and dedication. In addition, you will be able to brag to your rivals or friends that you have achieved it.

Header: Activision