How Astralis’ Acquisition of Disrupt Gaming Will Impact R6 NAL

Major Danish eSports organization Astralis has recently cemented its move into the North American arena with their acquisition of... Fragster | 8. September 2021

Major Danish eSports organization Astralis has recently cemented its move into the North American arena with their acquisition of Disrupt Gaming, a successful Rainbow Six Siege Esports team who are currently ranked 6th in the North American League.

The acquisition, which was announced on September 3rd of this year, coincides with Astralis’ overall move in the North American space, and with the establishing of the Astralis US Inc. branch, which will run all eSports activities for Astralis in North America.

Who Are Astralis?

After buying out the RFRSH Entertainment Counter-Strike and League of Legends teams in 2019, Astralis began their rise to a top esports organization. With the original Counter-Strike team founded in 2016 bAstralis boasts the most successful Counter-Strike team in history with an impressive four Major title wins, three of which were won back-to-back.

In December 2019, Astralis also became the first publicly listed team owner in esports, as the company was listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. As of 2021, Astralis has already cemented themselves as a giant of an international esports organization, and from their headquarters in Copenhagen, they seem set on expanding both into North America, and the Rainbow Six Siege competitive scene.

What Does This Mean?

With the acquisition, Astralis has taken over all of Disrupt Gaming’s assets, key staff, and facilities surrounding the Rainbow Six team, with the team now competing under the Astralis brand in Ubisoft’s North American Rainbow Six League.

Currently, Disrupt Gaming’s roster remains unchanged by their new owners Astralis, with Retro, DPfire, EASILYY (coach), Iconic, J9O, and Shuttle all remaining in their original roles, but now repping their new Astralis branded merch.


Founder and CEO of Disrupt Gaming, Mark Flood, has also been folded into the existing structure of Astralis, taking on the role of the Director of US Operations for Astralis US Inc. The continuance of the existing roster and the incorporation of Disrupt Gaming’s CEO suggests a healthy relationship between the team and their new owners, as well as indicates that Astralis trusts Disrupt Gaming with their own operations.

Within Astralis’ official press release, Mark Flood explains how the acquisition is mutually beneficial:

“Taking our efficiency and combining it with a global elite brand like Astralis is going to be incredible for Astralis’ fans, commercial partners, and shareholders. At the same time, adding a brand name and organization like Astralis into the North American League is a fantastic addition that will help Ubisoft push the league to new heights.”


As a publicly owned company and hungry esports organization, Astralis has likely seen the success of the Rainbow Six Siege competitive scene – especially the North American League – and realized they’re missing out.

This is not the first time Astralis has branched out into other games: soon after their separation from RFRSH, Astralis Group launched its own FIFA team Future FC later in 2019, which is quickly rising from the bottom to the top in tournament success.

Founder of both the original CS:GO team in 2016 and Astralis itself, Jakob Lund Kristensen explains why the company decided to acquire Disrupt Gaming:

“We always look for new opportunities and ways to solidify and expand the brand and business, and commercially it is absolutely positive news. We have been looking to establish ourselves in the North American market for a while. After following the Rainbow Six leagues in North America and globally, we are convinced this is a game and a league that will positively contribute to our gaming and commercial activities.”

Astralis' Rainbow Six roster, left to right: Retro, DPfire, EASILYY (coach), Iconic, J9O, Shuttle (via Astralis)

Astralis’ Rainbow Six roster, left to right: Retro, DPfire, EASILYY (coach), Iconic, J9O, Shuttle (via Astralis)

With Astralis already a well known and established esports brand in North America, their moves in creating Astralis US Inc. and acquiring Disrupt Gaming is expected to massively increase Astralis’ popularity in the region.

Astralis and Disrupt Gaming aren’t the only ones pleased with the move – as Mark Flood explained, Astralis is a powerhouse of an esports organization, and their move into the Rainbow Six Siege North American League is set to further bolster the success of the League.

This sentiment is expressed not just by the fans, but also by Dave Scott, Co-Founder and CEO of the Rainbow Six League: “We’re thrilled to welcome Astralis, a global esports powerhouse, into the Rainbow Six League. We believe the addition of Astralis will make our league even stronger.”

All round, the acquisition of Disrupt Gaming by Astralis is exciting news all round. Disrupt Gaming can expect to receive the financial and organizational support of Astralis, which could help push them further up the North American League rankings.

Astralis establishes its move into North America with an already successful Rainbow Six Siege team and roster, and the fans and Ubisoft itself can be excited about further talent, support, and money entering the League.



(Header image via Astralis)