Honorable Mentions Otamendi, FIFA 23

In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, EA Sports has unveiled a list of TOTY Honorable Mentions, with Nicolás Otamendi receiving... Maria | 28. January 2023

In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, EA Sports has unveiled a list of TOTY Honorable Mentions, with Nicolás Otamendi receiving a special card. Thanks to his efforts with Manchester City over the years, the Argentine defender has established himself as a veteran professional.

However, this unique card in the game is his reward for helping Benfica and Argentina succeed.

Players should be eager to get their hands on these new variants, as excitement around the Team of the Year promotion is at an all-time high thanks to EA Sports’ recent release of a new list of Honorable Mention cards alongside the entire TOTY lineup. Similarly, Nicolas Otamendi has been awarded an Honorable Mentions card in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Read on to learn all about the Otamendi Honorable Mentions.

Nicolas Otamendi’s honorable mention is now available in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Nicolas Otamendi has earned a place among the TOTY honorable mentions thanks to his reliable performances for SL Benfica in the Portuguese league and Argentina in their World Cup-winning campaign.

With his aggressive style of play, the 34-year-old veteran defender has earned the admiration of a large global audience, and FIFA 23 effectively captures his skills.

Card features in the game

Compared to its basic version, Nicolas Otamendi has received a remarkable improvement; the honorable mention card has a score of 88.

Qualities present in Otamendi’s TOTY honorable mention card:

  • Pace: 80
  • Dribbling: 69
  • Shooting: 63
  • Defending: 90
  • Passing: 70
  • Physicality: 87

Thanks to the improvements made to his card, he is a competitive defensive option in FIFA 23, especially with his increased speed.

How to unlock Otamendi’s TOTY honorable mention?

Players must complete the objective, which consists of four phases, to get the special card in the game.

  • Portuguese 7: In Squad Battles on at least Semi-Pro difficulty, scoring seven goals while playing with three players from the Portuguese League (or Rivals).
  • Effective Goal Scorer: You must score five goals using Argentine players in Squad Battles on minimum Semi-Pro (or Rivals) difficulty.
  • Brick Wall: In Squad Battles on at least Semi-Pro difficulty, give four goal assists to players with at least 80 DEF (or Rivals).
  • Winner’s mentality: Win five matches in squad battles on at least semi-professional difficulty.

Incorporating Argentinian attackers into your starting lineup and wingers with 80+ DEF to assist your strikers is the best method to achieve the goal.

Is it worth getting Nicolas Otamendi’s honorable mention card?

Thanks to the objective’s location in Squad Battles, it is pretty easy to complete. Players can choose their preferred difficulty level and, after five games, unlock the particular card. The card provides the game with incredible chemical connections to other powerful cards. It, therefore, makes Otamendi a valuable asset to any squad.

It is imperative to note that players can now include Enzo Fernandez in their rosters. This card, along with Otamendi, creates an incredible chemistry that is enough motivation to unlock this Otamendi card.

Header: EA Sports