HEROIC Qualify For The International 2024

In the South American Qualifier for The International 2024, HEROIC were expected to obtain a good result and they... Radu M. | 23. June 2024

In the South American Qualifier for The International 2024, HEROIC were expected to obtain a good result and they didn’t disappoint.

The team led by KJ won the tournament without losing a single game, which is a testament to their dedication and prowess.

Among HEROIC’s players, two names stand apart: K1 and Scofield. These players know what it means to compete at the highest level and win. Both of them obtained two top-eight results at The International with Infamous and beastcoast.

Now they have the opportunity to get another good result with HEROIC. For most esports fans, this name is associated with Counter-Strike. But this season, the famous organization decided to venture into Dota 2 as well. So far, the results have been decent.

Locally, HEROIC won a lot of qualifiers for S-tier tournaments. Internationally, they had two top-eight results at ESL One Birmingham and DreamLeague S23. At three other tournaments they were in the top 16.

HEROIC’s Victory In The SA Qualifier

HEROIC started the competition with a very easy match against Fantasy Gaming. The whole thing lasted for less than 50 minutes. HEROIC’s drafts focused on mobility and farming speed. Spirit Breaker controlled the map and initiated a lot of favorable fights, while heroes like Templar Assassin, Razor, and Timbersaw quickly gained a networth lead.

The second match, against Leviatan, was supposed to be a bigger challenge and it was. The games lasted 53 minutes each and required a lot of ingenuity to win. When you play Templar Assassin against Troll Warlord and Sniper, the probability of success is quite low.

Luckily for HEROIC, their cores are highly competent and their captain is experienced at this point.

HEROIC’s final match of the tournament was played against beastcoast. K1’s crew decided to pick Shadow Demon and Tusk in both games. The results were excellent and allowed them to heavily dominate their opponents, dictating the tempo of the fight and winning each time in around 35 minutes.

Thanks to this success, HEROIC will be present in Copenhagen this Autumn. They don’t need to win TI13 because they’ve already achieved more than was expected of them. For such a young Dota 2 team, going to TI in the very first season is quite impressive.

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