Heroic And BIG To Meet In Grand Finals of DH Open Summer Europe

Heroic and BIG were able to win today’s semi-finals matches in DreamHack Open Summer Europe, beating Complexity and OG,... Fabio | 15. August 2020

Heroic and BIG were able to win today’s semi-finals matches in DreamHack Open Summer Europe, beating Complexity and OG, respectively. They are going to meet in the Grand Finals tomorrow.


The Danes have struggled throughout the event and we featured them as the absolute underdogs in this playoffs bracket. Today, however, they proved us wrong entirely. Complexity went into this match as the decisive favorites – which they definitely levied on the first map. A 16-4 win on Vertigo perfectly illustrated why the international superteam held all the cards in this matchup.

Unfortunately, they were severely underprepared on Mirage. Nikolaj “niko” Kristensen was the main driving factor for Heroic, as the Danes completely dismantled the Complexity advance. A 16-7 win leveled out the playing field for the third and deciding map.

There, the teams took turns stringing rounds together, but they kept both halves incredibly close. So close, in fact, that the regular match ended on 15-15. Leading into overtime, Heroic took the lead and niko, once again, dragged his team over the finishing line.

This means that Complexity are out of the tournament. They should have arguably won this match and the players are rightfully disappointed. But we need to heap praise on Benjamin “blameF” Bremer. The Complexity in-game-leader has proven to be an insane individual performer and despite his team dropping the ball, he achieved the highest rating of all the players on the server. His team will once again jump into action at ESL One Cologne EU, which will kick off next week.


The German squad has been riding a wave of success lately. Right now, they are on top of the HLTV world rankings. At DreamHack Open Summer, they are looking to solidify this position. So how did they fare against OG?

The first map was quite a shocker. The #1 team quickly fell to an incredibly well prepared OG. Issa “ISSAA” Murad had a field day, almost hitting the 30 bomb in just 25 rounds. A quick 16-9 on Inferno in favor of the Europeans led them onto Dust2. On their own map pick, the Germans were finally able to perform. While they still had their struggles on the offense, their CT side proved to be watertight. They got away with a 16-10 win, sending the two teams onto a third map.

On Mirage, the Germans finally kicked into a higher gear. Mateusz “mantuu” Wilczewski was the only OG player able to perform during the map. Without him, the team would have been lost entirely. He recorced 30 kills and a 1.56 rating far above any other competitor on the server. Unfortunately, none of his colleagues managed to step up to the plate. Narrowly, BIG edged them out on a 16-14 scoreline.

This loss must have hurt. Being so close to winning over the world’s highest ranked team and losing while a player is delivering the performance of a lifetime… OG will certainly remember this day. The only good news is that mantuu appears to be recovering well from his wrist injury, which bodes well for the tournaments to come.

So now we have it, BIG and Heroic are set to meet tomorrow. The Germans appear quite shaky, so Heroic might actually have a shot at overwhelming them. Their display against Complexity today has certainly shown that they are able to win against top opposition. If the Heroic players manage to keep up this level, BIG are in for a fight tomorrow.