Fragster | 22. November 2022

herO is DH SC2 Masters 2022 Atlanta Champion

South Korean player Kim “herO” Jun became the champion in one of the most important Starcraft 2 tournaments of the year, the Dreamhack Masters 2022 Atlanta.

At Sunday’s Dreamhack SC2 Masters playoffs in Atlanta, the StarCraft 2 elite gave the fans a lot of exciting moments to watch. In addition to the incredible matches during the tournament, we saw the Grand Final between South Koreans herO and Lee “Bunny” Jae Sung.

The win in Atlanta marked herO’s second major career title and gave new hope to Protoss fans that the race was alive. With this win, he took home $15,000 in prize money along with 1,500 ESL Pro Tour Global points.

HerO commented on his victory in a winning interview:

“I feel very shaky. I’m even happier than I expected.”

Grand Final between friends

The finale of DH SC2 Masters Atlanta was not only spectacular but simply unimaginable, because the audience saw all seven maps, with our champion herO showing a game that fully matches his nickname as he managed to make an incredible, heroic comeback.

In the Grand Final, the South Korean Protoss herO took on the Terran Bunny in a best-of-seven series. At first, herO was backed up against the wall, losing 1-3, which meant that even the slightest mistake would bring his dreams to ruin. But after three maps filled with determination, we saw how the representative of Dragon Phoenix Gaming rejoices, celebrating the victory over Bunny, who’s according to herO’s words, a close friend of his.