HellRaisers players part ways with the organization

In the last few hours, one of the most popular and long-lived esports organizations in the Dota 2 scene,... Eduardo | 3. April 2023

In the last few hours, one of the most popular and long-lived esports organizations in the Dota 2 scene, HellRaisers, announced that all members of their lineup have decided to leave the organization.

This may surprise more than one in the community because if we consider the results in recent weeks of the team, it would be completely crazy. Let’s remember that HellRaisers had a 7-1 record in the DPC EEU 2023 Tour 2: Division I securing their place in the Berlin Major 2023.

HellRaisers players decide to leave the organization

In an official statement on its Twitter account, HellRaisers announced that their entire Dota 2 lineup was leaving the organization to find a new home.

Furthermore, the organization claims it is not ready to be active in esports. This could mean the end of a much-loved organization or simply a pause in the scene to restructure their entire plan from now on.

However, a Reddit thread revealed that the reasons for the split are not only those mentioned. According to one user, the players and HellRaisers were not actively involved, meaning the players only used the HellRaisers name to compete but were not actively part of the organization.

by u/burstes from discussion Hellraisers as an org are dropping it’s Dota 2 roster (more info in comments)
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On the other hand, it is also noted that HellRaisers gave the right of its name to this lineup for more than a year and a half.

The recent good results are the cause of this separation

For much of the last few seasons, HellRaisers was just another team in the pack, as they were no higher than mid-table in the DPC. However, after not quite meeting their expectations at the Dota 2 Lima Major 2023, the team’s lineup had an impressive awakening.

As mentioned, the team finished first in the DPC EEU 2023 Tour 2: Division I with a spectacular 7-0 record. Moreover, in this tournament, they beat great teams in the region, such as Team Spirit, BetBoom Team, and Virtus.pro. As a result, HellRaisers managed to seal their ticket to the next Major to be held in Berlin from April 26 to May 7, 2023.

While it is true that this separation is very strange, thanks to the good level of the lineup, the guys likely have some agreement with another organization. But this time, to actively be part of one of them.

One of the organizations that have been rumored recently is Cloud9 because while it was one of the first to make inroads into the Dota 2 scene in history, it decided to put its division on hiatus in 2020. However, this seems like the ideal time to resume it since this lineup is powerful and, most importantly, they are at their highest possible level.

Is this the end of HellRaisers?

The Dota 2 lineup was the only one the organization had registered in the top competitive esports scene. Recall that on March 2, 2022; they decided to step away from CS:GO due to the problems caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Now, with the sentence published in their Dota 2 announcement, where it is mentioned that they are not “ready” to maintain an “esports” lineup, everything seems to indicate that the organization could end its operations.

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