Fragster | 7. September 2022

Has Smash pro Elegant drunkenly molested multiple women?

Several women have accused Smash professional Elegant of inappropriate behavior while being drunk at Smash events. He is now being criticized for his inglorious behavior.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player Matt “Elegant” Fitzpatrick is facing backlash on Twitter after several women got upset over his drunken behavior at esports events throughout his career. In yesterday’s Twitter post, Twitch streamer Shannoniganz recounted an unwanted sexual encounter she had with Elegant while intoxicated. 

The Battle on Twitter

Shannon wrote about her night with Elegant in her TwitLonger, accusing him of taking advantage of her being drunk. She explained that the encounter hurt her emotionally because she had no idea what was happening. According to her words, the incident was so repelling for her that she wanted nothing more to do with Elegant.

Elegant responded with a tweet of his own addressing the situation, confirming everything Shannon said in her September 6 statement. He also clarified that he, just like Shannon, doesn’t remember how it started or how it happened. 

Not an isolated case?

Shannon’s Twitter post prompted more women to share their own experiences with Elegant, including content creator SailorMagatron, who shared her TwitLonger that same day. The first part of her post hinted that something happened between her and Elegant that was traumatic for SailorMagatron, but she didn’t want to talk about it because she was “still recovering from it mentally and emotionally”. Instead, she focused on Elegant’s toxic behavior when drinking alcohol.

According to SailorMagatron, at Genesis 2022, Elegant became “touchy” with her after drinking alcohol, which resulted in her immediately leaving the venue. At a different event — Low Tide City 2022 — they stayed together in a hotel room with two beds — a decision SailorMagatron says made because “the rooms didn’t come cheap.” According to SailorMagatron, Elegant returned to their shared room with an unidentified woman and cuddled with her on SailorMagatron’s bed, which made her uncomfortable.