| 10. January 2022

Halo Infinite Pro accused of cheating at $10K tournament

Things could get dicey for a player who apparently cheated at a major tournament. Even streamer NICKMERCS remembers a situation where the player’s skills seemed almost too good for him.

A player named Minds from team Built By Gamers was accused of cheating with wallhacks in a HALO Infinite tournament. Built By Gamers had won the tournament and cleared the prize pool of $10,000. Built By Gamers is considered a promising team with a talented lineup that got off to a successful start in the Halo Championship Series season.

Could his “talent” possibly be related to cheating?

Roman “Druk” Nasirudin, a Pioneers player, tweeted something that strongly questions Minds’ performance. After a “suspicious clip” surfaced, Minds is now accused of cheating his way to the top. In the clip posted by Druk, the pro claims that Minds allegedly used wallhacks. From random pre-shots to perfect crosshair placement, Druk describes everything he found noticeable about his opponent’s gameplay.

Druk analyzed his gameplay and commented, “He just fires ahead without seeing me, I didn’t shoot, his teammate didn’t shoot at me, and he just shoots a full load down the tube before he even sees me.” In his Youtube video, he goes into more detail about the accusations, looking at several plays from the fifth map of the Grand Finals, which Built By Gamers ended up winning 50-49.

Others also noticed something was off

Even well-known Twitch streamer Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff got involved in the discussion, saying that he had played against Minds before and thought he was suspicious. “Isn’t that the kid who beat us at Rivals?” he asked. Despite the many suspicions, there is no solid evidence, everything just seems very shady. However, there could now be an investigation by Minds and possibly Built By Gamers.

The HCS hasn’t exactly been squeamish about handing out punishments this season. If Minds is banned, it wouldn’t be the first player. The Sentinels player Mathew “Royal2” Fiorante has also already been suspended for two months for suspected cheating. There is still no official investigation from Minds or his team. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what comes out of the allegations and what happens next for the player. The cheating and hacking problem in gaming is getting bigger and bigger and it seems like not even Esport is safe.

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