Guild Esports aims to use AI research to optimize esports performance

Guild Esports, the British esports organization searching for further development in this sector, is partnering with Gerford AI, one... Maria | 17. March 2023

Guild Esports, the British esports organization searching for further development in this sector, is partnering with Gerford AI, one of the largest AI data analysis companies.

With the partnership between these two companies, Guild Esports seeks to take a step further in esports. The goal is to achieve, through artificial intelligence, the development of esports athletes. So they have joined research and data analysis forces to use them in innovative artificial intelligence technologies.

The partnership between Guild Esports and Gerford AI

As discussed earlier, the partnership focuses on research and development of Guild Esports athletes’ performance. To achieve this, they have teamed up with Gerford AI, specialists in developing AI technologies used in athlete performance.

The Australian company, Gerford AI, has extensive experience analyzing and improving athlete performance. Specifically, they have worked with swimming and table tennis.

Focus of the partnership

The partnership has a focus on creating AI-enabled technologies that can deliver the following:

  • Athlete data analytics
  • Performance monitoring
  • Improvements in pre-match practice.

But that’s not all; the partnership goes one step further, and they will also create an online filtering tool that will be explicitly used in esports.

As part of the research, the two companies are working to develop a tool to censor bad-sounding words in esports. This tool aims to block bad-sounding words and immediately improve the online esports environment.

On the other hand, Guild Esports expects tremendous growth with this partnership, to the point where the technologies that will be developed will allow both companies to create new ways to generate revenue.

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Credits: guildesports | Twitter

Comments on the partnership

Guild Esports director Jasmine Skee hopes to create harassment-free environments with this new partnership. In addition, to develop AI technologies that will allow them to give better guidance to athletes, so they can improve their performance and feel more confident when competing. But on the other hand, she believes this type of partnership has great potential for the esports sector.

Similarly, Gerford AI’s CEO and founder, Iggy Jovanovic, has commented. Jovanovic believes that this partnership can take advantage of his company’s patented technology in a very positive way, applying it to esports.

In addition, Iggy Jovanovic sees it as a significant development opportunity to work with Guild’s world-class athletes, where they can optimize their preparation and provide data to improve their performance in competitions.

Undoubtedly, this type of partnership can generate significant advances in esports. In addition, it can bring significant benefits to athletes to optimize their training and get better results. However, we must wait to see the partnership results between Guild Esports and Gerford AI.