Guide to complete the Silver Stars Destiny Udogie of FIFA 23

FIFA 23 TOTW 20 has arrived, and as usual, it comes with an intriguing free silver card: Udogie IF.... Maria | 16. March 2023

FIFA 23 TOTW 20 has arrived, and as usual, it comes with an intriguing free silver card: Udogie IF. From now until March 22, all players can get the Italian footballer’s card.

EA Sports provides game fans with great items, and this case is no different. This card can be very interesting for all fans.

So, if you want to get this card, read on to find out everything you need to know to get the left midfielder.

All about Silver Stars Destiny Udogie

These special bonuses are made to the cards of soccer players who have performed impeccably in real life. This time through a silver card, the Italian player Udogie is included in the upgrades.

Udogie is one of the brightest young stars in Italian soccer, so including this player’s card is no surprise to fans. The previous week with this player’s help, Udinese beat Empoli.

Let’s discuss your tasks to get the free Udogie IF.

Tasks to get the Silver Stars Destiny Udogie

To get the silver cards, you must complete some tasks before the end of the promotion time.

Task: Live matches

  • Win 3: You must win three friendly matches in the silver room.
  • Score 8: You must score eight goals in friendly matches in the silver room.
  • Assist 6: You must assist six goals in friendly matches in the silver room

Challenge Reward

After completing the three task requirements, you will receive a free Destiny Iyenoma Udogie IF + 150 EXP.

Card statistics

  • Position: LM (Alt – LB, LWB)
  • Overall: 74
  • Pace: 93
  • Shooting: 75
  • Passing: 78
  • Dribbling: 85
  • Defense: 78
  • Physicality: 82

Is it worth completing this challenge?

Udogie IF has quite interesting conditions to be a top winger in squads of his level. This time the card has received some improvements that make it work well in the game’s goal.

His stats are pretty striking despite the overall rating of 74. Additionally, it is a card that can be used very well for melee play.

The pace can perform very well, besides having good defensive resources skills and a bad leg of three stars.

Now let’s talk about his dribbling, a not-lousy statistic, highlighting his agility of 92 and ball control of 86. What we can say that it is a little low is his vision.

So completing this challenge is entirely worth it, and remember that it is free; you also have time to complete it with total calm and that it is active until the 22nd of this month.

Header: EA Sports