Guide to complete the Milot Rashica Fantasy FUT SBC of FIFA 23

Without a doubt, EA Sports keeps users entertained, including an incredible amount of daily material. This time they have... Maria | 15. March 2023

Without a doubt, EA Sports keeps users entertained, including an incredible amount of daily material. This time they have launched the Milot Rashica Fantasy FUT challenge.

Players who wish to complete this challenge will not be at risk, as completing the tasks associated with Milot Rashica gets the reward without relying on chance. But remember that you must complete the tasks within the given time for the reward.

Now, let’s discuss all the details of the Milot Rashica challenge. This way, you can decide whether it is worth investing time and money in this card.

All about Milot Rashica SBC

This challenge will be available for a short time. However, it can be completed quickly as it only has one associated task.

Milot Rashica Task

  • Team Rating: Minimum 83

As we can see, this is a specific challenge; you only have to complete one task with one requirement so that all players can do it without any problem.

Cost of the challenge

Players who need to buy the challenge fodder in the general market need around 26,000 coins, a reasonable cost for the task to be accomplished.

However, the total cost can be reduced if material from the personal collection is used, so players can save coins and put them to other uses. Remember that game developers are constantly adding a large number of cards.

As we said, the challenge will be available briefly; you only have until March 17 to complete it.

Reward of the challenge

We can say that some statistics of the card are pretty interesting.

Card stats

  • Pace: 92
  • Shooting: 85
  • Passing: 81
  • Dribbling: 87
  • Defense: 58
  • Physicality: 77

His 92 pace is excellent. However, he has other meager stats, such as his 81 passing, which is short and weak. Therefore, we can say that this card does not have great power.

However, we expect Milot Rashica’s card to generate chances inside the box effectively, but some will be deficient definitions. On the other hand, the player’s long runs might not be good.

The card on his weak foot and skill has four stars, but together with his stats, he remains a bit weak in the current meta of the game.

Is Milot Rashica’s SBC worth completing?

As mentioned in the game’s current meta, this card is weak, so we don’t recommend him as a starter in your lineup. Also, it can be a bit tricky to give him good chemistry.

However, soccer is a sport that gives a lot of surprises to its fans, so it may be that Milot Rashica will receive significant improvements on your card. In that case, it could be worth it, a bet with some risk.

If you do not have coin limitations in the game, you can complete the challenge as it is not very expensive.

Header: EA Sports