G2 League of Legends winstreak ends at 24

G2’s unbelievable 24-game winstreak has come to an end, as the LEC champions lost their fifth match of the... Benjamin Mock | 22. May 2022

G2’s unbelievable 24-game winstreak has come to an end, as the LEC champions lost their fifth match of the MSI 2022 Rumble Stage to PSG Talon.

The European powerhouse had already notched wins against T1 and RNG in the Rumble Stage, and looked unstoppable. However, they were unable to get past the PCS champions, with their winstreak falling four short of the currently recognised record, held by former PCS side, Flash Wolves.

G2 winstreak ends

It had to be seen to be believed. After losing 3-1 to Fnatic in the upper bracket semifinals of the LEC playoffs, G2 went on a perfect run to the LEC title. They won 12 games, sweeping three lower bracket series, including a revenge win over Fnatic, before taking the title in a 3-0 sweep of Rogue.

The winning continued as G2 went 8-0 in their MSI 2022 group, dominating Evil Geniuses and Oceania representative ORDER. Many believed that the winstreak would end in the opening match of the Rumble Stage, as G2 took on Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and T1. The LCK champions had achieved a perfect 18-0 Spring split, and were also coming off a undefeated Group Stage. However, it was G2 who came out on top, thanks to their teamfight-heavy comp. Later on day one, G2 also picked up a win against defending MSI champions RNG. They remained perfect on day two, with wins against Evil Genuises and Saigon Buffalo. It would be day three when someone was finally able to take down G2.

In the end, G2 went quietly into the night, being held to just four kills in a 28-minute victory for PSG Talon. Despite PSG drafting a team that relied heavily on late-game scaling, G2 were never able to find a decisive early-game advantage. Throughout the match, PSG players repeatedly displayed an in-game emote for the Flash Wolves.

While the winstreak is over, G2 find themselves in a very strong position as they still lead the Rumble Stage standings.

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