G2.iG Qualify For The International 13

China will be represented by three teams at the upcoming edition of The International. Along with Xtreme Gaming, Team... Radu M. | 14. June 2024

China will be represented by three teams at the upcoming edition of The International. Along with Xtreme Gaming, Team Zero and G2.iG have qualified for the great event.

In G2.iG’s case, a lot of people expected them to get a good result simply because of their overall performance in 2024. Team Zero, on the other hand, was regarded as a huge surprise.

Given the competitive level in this region, we rarely see an underdog coming out of nowhere and taking one of the few available spots from one of the favorites. LGD Gaming, Azure Ray, and TEAM TURTLE will stay at home. For the first two of these teams, this situation will likely result in massive roster changes.

In 2023, Azure Ray competed in the tournament and finished 4th. Historically LGD Gaming competed as well at every single edition and had amazing results. They played in two Grand Finals and finished third at three other editions. Missing the tournament completely after so many years of glory is a huge disappointment.

G2.iG’s Path To TI13

G2.iG qualified for The International 2024 despite being sent to the lower bracket quite early. They initially defeated Old Warrior in the upper bracket (2 – 0) using Ursa in both games, but lost the second match against Team Zero, who would go on to finish the tournament undefeated.

In the lower bracket, G2.iG encountered KEV and had no problems against them. In fact, they even picked Tinker in game 2 and won in 31 minutes.

The second match was much harder because TEAM TURTLE had defeated LGD Gaming and had a roster full of superstars like Somnus and Yang. Despite losing game 1, G2.iG managed to make a comeback and won the next two games in spectacular fashion.

In game 2, they once again picked Tinker and proved that they really know how to use him in the current meta. In game 3, they took Templar Assassin against Viper and Ember Spirit, and won thanks to their decision to put the hero in the safe lane. Weaver was utilized as a support in this game, which is not something that we see every day.

The final match, against Azure Ray, was another struggle. Once again, G2.iG lost the first game and had to fight hard to win games 2 and 3. At the score of 1 – 1, they made the decision to pick Templar Assassin and Pudge, which looked absolutely crazy on paper. But they made it work, despite facing Witch Doctor, Story Spirit, and Luna.

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