fragster | 10. May 2022

G2 Gozen wins third consecutive VCT Game Changers title

G2 Gozen showcased its domination again at the recent VALORANT Champions Tour 2022: Game Changers EMEA Series 2. After defeating Guild Esports 3-0 in the grand final, the Spanish squad has won its third consecutive Game Changers title.

After a strong showing throughout the event, the second-placed Guild X came short of winning their first Game Changers title, since they weren’t able to overwhelm the G2 Gozen might. The reigning Game Changers swept through the competition without losing a single map and left home with the €10,000 main prize. 

Grand final analysis

The first match of the grand final saw G2 Gozen win five consecutive rounds after choosing Breeze as the first map of the three-match series. G2’s early advantage appeared to be pushing Guild X, but the British squad swiftly responded by tying the score at 6-6 at the end of the first half.

G2 then dominated the pistol round and maintained their lead throughout the second half. Valiant efforts by Guild resulted in a comeback, but G2’s composed playstyle and relentless counterstrikes left no opportunity for it. Although Guild won two rounds, G2 dominated the rest of the match. The team won the first map 13-8, putting Guild under even more pressure.

On the second map, Guilt handled the pressure admirably, winning the first two rounds on Ascent. However, G2 quickly retaliated and won the next three rounds. Guild changed the tides once more with a heavy counterattack and flawless rotation, winning five consecutive rounds and taking an 8-4 lead at halftime.

Guild maintained its momentum in the second half, increasing its advantage to 10-5. But G2 strengthened their game before it was too late and took the lead in the following six rounds until reaching 11-10. The score then remained equal as both sides continued to win one round after another.

In the end, the game went to overtime with a tied score of 13-13, and after a long struggle, G2 claimed the victory. The team’s composed and coordinated play allowed them to overcome Guild’s advantage and move them closer to the title.

The third map was the most difficult for Guild since G2 had an unblemished record on Icebox throughout the competition. G2 won the first pistol round, but “victoria” and “roxi” startled the reigning champions with bold counterattacks, winning the next three rounds. In the ensuing rounds, both sides fought valiantly, and the score remained tied until G2 demolished Guilds’ defences in rounds 11 and 12 to take a 7-5 lead at halftime.

In the second half of the grand final match, G2 took three rounds, to which Guild replied with precise rotation and teamwork, securing two more rounds. They continued to press G2 defenders to equalize the score, but it simply wasn’t enough. Team G2 secured the third Game Changers title with Juliano’s remarkable ace at the end of the match.

G2 Gozen became the first team to win three consecutive Game Changers titles and they will undoubtedly be trying to add another one when the VCT Game Changer Series returns later in September.

Header: G2 Esports