Shubh | 20. November 2022

G2 Gozen are the VCT Game Changers Champions

The European Valorant powerhouse G2 Gozen won the inaugural VCT Game Changers Championship with a stunning reverse sweep over Shopify Rebellions GC.

After five weeks of intense Valorant battles, the Valorant Game Changers Championship has come to an end. Both the finalist, G2 Gozen and Shopify Rebellions exhibited outstanding performance throughout the event, and the final shadow was no exception. G2 reached the finals after dominating every opponent in the upper bracket, while Shopify made a stunning comeback after falling in the lower bracket. Here is how the highly tense final between the two competitive teams played out.

G2 Gozen versus Shopify Rebellions – Match Summary

The supercharged best-of-five series kicked off on Pearl and G2 wasted no time in taking an early lead. The North American side quickly retaliated and equalized the score 6-6 before halftime. Shopify continued the momentum and secured six consecutive rounds to go 12-6. Despite securing a few more rounds to cut down Shopify’s lead, it was too late for the G2 to mount a comeback. Shopify won one more round to win the map 13-9 and gain an early 1-0 advantage.

Shopify picked Bind as the second map of the series but despite their best efforts, the map was dominated by G2 throughout the first half. Before G2 could capitalize on the momentum, Kayla “flowerful” Horton and Benita “bENITA” Novshadian stepped up for the North American side and secured six consecutive rounds to clinch back-to-back maps. As G2 switched from a defensive to an offensive approach, Shopify’s performance suddenly deteriorated when they were just one map away from victory.

The comeback

G2 picked Ascent to mount their comeback and their domination on the map was clearly visible on the 13-3 scoreline. Petra “Petra” Stoker and Michaela “mimi” Lintrup, who recorded a total of 41 kills on the map, were the driving forces behind G2’s comeback. Having already jumped aboard the momentum train, the European team went into god mode and never looked back. They secured a handy 13-2 victory on Icebox to take the best-of-five series to the final and deciding map Breeze.


The European powerhouse successfully defended their home turf against Shopify on Breeze, defeating their fierce rival 3-2, despite their desperate efforts. From falling behind 0-2 to making a stunning comeback and taking the series 3-2, G2 fought back brilliantly in the last three maps. The team’s coordinated and composed game style combined with Julia’s cautious decision-making helped them become the first female Valorant team to conquer the world and become the best of the best. G2 Gozen won back $180,000 in prize money along with the coveted Game Changers Championship trophy.

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