G2 Esports Bench Nexa

After only seven months of competing for G2 Esports, nexa has been benched. This comes after G2’s failure at... Radu M. | 17. June 2024

After only seven months of competing for G2 Esports, nexa has been benched. This comes after G2’s failure at BLAST Premier Spring Final, where the team finished 7th – 8th out of eight participants.

However, let’s not forget that m0NESY was not available for the first match against Team Spirit. The second match, played against Team Vitality, was another big challenge and G2 lost again.

At another CS2 event, which took place just a few weeks ago, G2 won the trophy by defeating opponents like Team Falcons, MOUZ, Team Liquid, FaZe Clan, and Team Vitality. And they did it with a stand-in!

IEM Dallas clearly proved that G2’s former roster had what it took to win. But when we look at the performance of each individual, we notice that m0NESY, NiKo, and huNter- are often times hard-carrying HooXi and nexa.

Because HooXi is the IGL and his strategic plans are usually sound, G2 decided to improve the roster by benching nexa. And their decision, given the ambitions of the organization, makes perfect sense.

Why Now?

Of course, the question remains: why make a roster change now? Nexa did not play well from the start. Over the last seven months, his performance was relatively modest. He did his job but nothing spectacular. Without m0NESY and NiKo in top form, G2 would have not achieved anything.

Apart from G2’s natural desire to improve their results, one reason for benching nexa now might be the availability of superstar players like s1mple, who are likely eager to start competing again. It’s been almost a year since the greatest player in CS history decided to bench himself and Na’Vi have managed to win a Major in his absence.

At the most recent CS2 event, BLAST Premier Spring Final, iM and his crew finished 2nd. So it’s clear that no changes are needed. But in that case, what is s1mple to do? And he’s not the only one looking for a team. CadiaN has just been benched by Team Liquid, and he is a truly exceptional player who could significantly improve G2’s performance.

In the next few weeks, we will find out who will replace nexa. If they want to start winning more S-tier tournaments, G2 cannot downgrade their roster by signing an unproven player. They need to bring in a top-tier competitor and the number of viable options is not that high.

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