G2 Bench HooXi

After nearly two years of serving as the team’s IGL, HooXi has finally been benched and will soon be... Radu M. | 3. July 2024

After nearly two years of serving as the team’s IGL, HooXi has finally been benched and will soon be replaced, most likely by a top IGL. It might be cadiaN. In fact, it would make perfect sense for G2 to bring in cadiaN. But there are other options too.

Many in the CS2 community are wondering where s1mple will play next. The Ukrainian superstar has been out of the game for close to a year and he needs to return this year if he wants to continue his career as a pro player. One year is already a very long absence. If he delays longer, he might even have to consider retiring for good.

But even if he does return, can he realistically join G2? The team needs a good IGL. NiKo could definitely take the role and leave room for a non-IGL to join. With the Esports World Cup being just two weeks away, G2 will need to make their decision soon and then announce it.

If a top player joins, there’s a good chance that we might see G2 winning lots of trophies in the next 12 months. This team already has two exceptional individuals who finished in the top five in 2023. If m0NESY and NiKo get enough help from the rest of the squad, G2’s chances would skyrocket.

Recently, nexa was benched and replaced by malbsMd, a talented 21-year-old from Guatemala. He played one year for M80 before joining G2, and his performance was so good that the famous esports organization decided to sign him.

HooXi’s Contribution

G2 with HooXi as their IGL may not have been as successful as some people wanted. But they were definitely a successful team.

Between September 2022 and July 2024, they won four S-tier tournaments:

  • BLAST Premier: World Final 2022
  • IEM Katowice 2023
  • IEM Cologne 2023
  • IEM Dallas 2024

At PGL Major Copenhagen 2024, G2 finished 3rd – 4th. Overall, their 2024 performance was solid and they were always a top-eight team. Twice they finished 3rd – 4th, twice 5th – 6th, and twice in the top eight. The IEM Dallas victory is excluded.

Nobody knows at this point where HooXi will go next or who his replacement is going to be. After the last two years, he could easily join just about any organization from outside the top ten. He could also join an org from the top ten but at this point, there aren’t that many teams who are looking to change their IGL.

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