FURIA to launch esports venue in Miami

FURIA, an organization of Brazil origin, expands its club to the United States with a new venue! They’ve chosen... Daria Belous | 5. August 2022

FURIA, an organization of Brazil origin, expands its club to the United States with a new venue! They’ve chosen Miami, Florida to be their next esports home with a brand-new 5200 square feet house which is planned to launch in October-November.

The new esports venue will feature a LAN house where players can train and compete in tournaments, a clothing shop with team’s merch, an area for events, and a stage where FURIA’s fans can enjoy the games of their favorite club in real-time. There will be no fees for the public per entering, thus FURIA will be counting on shop’s revenue and sponsorships on events to cover the bills of a new building. 


3D simulation of “FURIA Experience”. Image credit: FURIA

The organization has put in $1,000,000 to create a such project which is a part of “FURIA Experience”, a massive plan for the organization’s global expansion worldwide, according to André Akkari, a co-founder at FURIA. The club has chosen such a way of development to switch from a full online-based platform to in-person interaction so fans can easily link with “influencers, athletes, and even the staff”. 

The project reportedly is sponsored by FURIA only, however, the club’s sponsors like FTX, PokerStars and AOC are also participating in the project but in a different way. AOC, which specializes on monitors production, will supply the new building with their screens.

Bigger plans for organization’s infrastructure  

Apart from the new venue, FURIA already has a US roster and operations office in the Sunshine State. According to André Akkari, this is not the last specially built venue and later they hope to double the esports complexes in Brazil and Europe, aiming to have a training facility in “each of the biggest cities in the world”. The next stop for “FURIA Experience” seems to be Brazil, more precisely São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro with an even larger building that seems to be scheduled for 2023. 

FURIA is not the only one that decided to have a public esports venue. One of the examples is Complexity Gaming headquarters in Frisco, Texas. It’s a 91-acre campus that is built with an exclusive partnership between the City of Frisco and Frisco ISD. Complexity HQ features a public space, training facility, relaxing area & lounge, room for replays, cognition lab and stream studio. So it would be interesting to see what FURIA’s new facility will look like and whether it could compete with Complexity’s one. 

Header credit: FURIA