Fabio | 13. August 2020

FURIA, Chaos Secure Playoffs Spot, ZPG Out In DH Summer NA

The North American DreamHack Open Summer Group Stage has advanced one step further. Yesterday, Chaos won their Decider Match against Ze Pug Godz and FURIA were able to get past Team oNe Esports. Both have now booked their tickets to the playoffs of the event. 


The Brazilian clash was much anticipated. Team oNe had played convincingly so far, but no one knew whether it would be enough to defeat the likes of FURIA. Now we know that FURIA are just a tiny bit stronger.

On Train, they got off to a great start. Their opponents managed to string a few T rounds together, but FURIA still had a 9-6 lead at half time, and then proceeded to get up to 14 rounds quickly. Team oNe desperately tried to hold onto the map, but eventually gave way on a 16-9 scoreline.

But there was some fighting spirit left in the oNe players. Heading to Mirage, their opponents felt quite comfortable. FURIA had recorded a 70% win rate on the map in recent months. But Bruno “b4rtiN” Câmara and Mario “malbsMd” Samayoa joined forces to achieve a quick 16-9 victory for oNe, creating an even field in the lead-up to map #3.

There, FURIA finally proved to be one cut above their Brazilian competitors. Andrei “arT” Piovezan shone on Nuke as they delivered a quick 16-7 ending to the Best-of-Three. With 25 kills and a 1.59 rating, he took matters into his own hands. Thus, the Brazilians have secured a slot in the DH Open Summer playoffs. Still, the result was not as convincing as it should have been. Especially on Mirage, they should have been able to create a stronger defense against oNe’s attacks, who ran away with the majority of their T rounds.


Yesterday, we saw Ze Pug Godz eliminate Triumph from the event. We wondered whether their individual skill would be enough to survive against the likes of Chaos. Unfortunately for them, it wasn’t.

The scorelines may indicate that a close match took place between the two American rosters, but the stats reveal a much more one-sided affair. On Inferno, the 12-16 loss for ZPG might appear to be somewhat close. In reality, none of the players managed to get a positive KD ratio, and on the other team, all players got an above 1.0 rating. Erick “Xeppaa” Bach even ran up a 1.39 rating.

Even the overtime game on Nuke didn’t exactly look convincing from a stats perspective. When a team concedes a 17-19 loss, there should be some well performing players on the scoreboard, right? On the ZPG side, Will “dazzLe” Loafman was the top performer with a 1.0 rating. Chaos, on the other hand, featured Xeppaa and Joshua “steel” Nissan, who went above and beyond with 29 and 32 kills, respectively. Ze Pug Godz appear to lack the type of player who will rise up to the occasion. These are some solid players, but is there really any star among them?

We bid farewell to Ze Pug Godz, as Chaos are the second team of Group A to advance to the semi-finals. There, they will lock horns with FURIA. Team oNe will have another shot at the playoffs, meeting Cloud9 in the Decider Match for Group B. If they succeed, they will meet Team Liquid next. The playoffs bracket is becoming ever more stacked.