Fredit BRION’s LCK roster tested positive for COVID-19

The starting LCK lineup and coaches of Fredit BRION tested positive for COVID-19 today, and Fredit Brion Challengers, Fredit... Shubh | 12. March 2022

The starting LCK lineup and coaches of Fredit BRION tested positive for COVID-19 today, and Fredit Brion Challengers, Fredit Brion’s LCK challenger team, will take the starting lineup’s places in the upcoming match against T1, according to Korizon.

UmTi, Edgar, Morgan, Drinker, Sw0rd, Raptor, Hena, Lava, and Delight are among the players and coaches who have been affected by the Virus.

 According to Korizon’s translation, UmTi’s self-quarantine will finish on March 14, while the rest of the players and personnel who tested positive will be freed on March 17. The news arrives at a crucial moment for Fredit BRION. They are currently 7-8 and are in a tight playoff race with KT Rolster and Kwangdong Freecs. 

Fredit BRION is currently in the fifth position, ahead of both teams, only one game separates them from a fifth-place playoff seed and elimination from the playoffs.

Can the Fredit BRION challenger roster stop the winning streak of T1?

Fredit BRION’s Challenger team will take on T1 in their next match, today. With a 13-19 record, the Fredit BRION Challengers are in ninth place in the LCK CL 2022 Spring Split.

The Challenger roster includes Top Laner Soboro (Lim Seong-min), Jungler Listo (Kang Woo-seok), Mid Laner Feisty (Jeong Seong-hoon), Bot Laner Gamin (Ga Min-joon), and Supporter Loopy Kim Dong-hyeo. Listo joined Fredit Brion just a month ago meanwhile the other 4 players joined the roster in December last year.

T1, on the other hand, will look to continue their perfect LCK 2022 Spring Split run and improve up to 16-0 as the regular season comes to an end. Having already secured first place, T1 have their eyes set on LCK’s first perfect split.

 A hard blow to LCK and competing teams by Covid- 19.

The surge of the virus follows numerous cases in the LCK this year. Liiv SANDBOX’s players and coaches were also tested positive for the virus 3 days ago. The team was practically forced to use substitutes to finish the 2022 LCK Spring Split on a high. Liiv SANDBOX’s Dove, Croco, Clozer, Ice, and head coach Micro tested positive for the virus.

Lee “Envyy” Myeong-joon, Jeon “Howling” Ho-bin, Ham “HamBak” Yoo-jin, and Kang “Ten10” Joon were called up to play the match against Brion. With the exception of Envyy, every one of these academy players has never played in the LCK before.