Fragster | 20. September 2022

Fragster VALORANT player Introduction: zProtection

Today we introduce to you zProtection, who completes our Valorant roster for the upcoming season in the role of controller.

At 18 years old, Maik “zProtection” Kolodziej is the youngest team member of our Valorant crew. But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know what to do on the server. The firepower and game intelligence he brings at his young age will definitely help the team.

Maik comes from Hattingen in North Rhine-Westphalia. His favorite games are Valorant and the survival classic Rust, although he thinks his main game Valorant should get more attention. Maik’s favorite series is the manga series Tokyo Revengers. 

This is zProtection

Maik started gaming at the young age of 4, when he got his first Nintendo Wii. Since then, gaming has been an integral part of his life. His most special experience in gaming was meeting tier 1 pros in ranked, and Maik easily promoted them back to Tier 2. He counts reaching radiant and passing his driving license as one of his greatest successes.

What moves Maik in the gaming industry is having a different identity than in real life. He is very goal-oriented and his skills set him apart from other players. Add to that the fact that he plays extremely risky, which usually pays off. He is very different from other players and doesn’t play the way many would suggest. That’s what makes him special and that’s his strength.

Future Valorant Analyst?

In addition to gaming, zProtection also likes to stream. He particularly likes doing game analysis after the matches, because that way, he can see exactly what mistakes have been made and work on them to become even better in the future. When he’s not streaming himself, he likes to watch higher pro players on Twitch and learn a trick or two.

zProtection would like to play games privately for an evening with Sentinels-Pro dapr. A LAN party with friends that Maik can remember and where he definitely had enough time to gamble lasted full 30 hours. He would like to find more time in his everyday life for gaming in general.

We warmly welcome zProtection to the Fragster Valorant lineup and wish him and the whole team a successful time. Read more about Fragster’s newest Valorant additions Kanekashi and Bobsen2K.